Amazon allows you to set a reminder from its website so you don’t miss the Prime renewal date: this is how it works


In addition to free shipping on a large selection of products, Amazon Prime has many advantages, including its catalog of series and movies on Prime Video, free games every month and a free subscription to a channel with Twitch Prime, Amazon Music, Amazon Photos, and much more. Also, before you pay for the service, you can get a 30-day free trial. However, if you are not convinced, you can always cancel it and set a reminder so you don’t get charged for it.

If you usually pay for subscription services, you have probably set more than one alarm on your phone to remind you when your subscription renews. However, Amazon makes this task even easier for us. And it is that you can set a reminder from the Amazon website and app so you don’t forget that they will soon charge you for it. In this article we show you how to do it.

How to set a reminder for Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon offers many benefits, although due to its usual increases in the price of your subscription, it is understandable that many choose to cancel it. Whatever the reason, from Amazon we can set a reminder to know when we will be charged again for Prime.


To establish an Amazon Prime subscription renewal notice, all we have to do is open the Amazon website in our browser, log in if we have not already done so, and in the ‘Count and Lists’ From the upper right we select ‘My Amazon Prime subscription’.

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Once on this page, we can see the status of our subscription, the benefits we have as members of Amazon Prime, and different configuration options. What interests us is to go to the tab of ‘Manage subscription’ at the top. By doing this, a drop-down menu will appear in which we can check the box ‘Send me a reminder on X’.

As explained in the option, the reminder will notify us three days in advance of when the term of our subscription ends, in order to have some margin in case a problem arises. This reminder will arrive both in our email and through notifications on our mobile phone if we have the Amazon app installed.

If we want to do it from the Amazon mobile app, we can also. And it is enough to go to the app, click on the icon of our profile and enter ‘My account’. Once here, we just have to repeat the same process that we have mentioned for the web.


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