Amazon confirms a second season for the El Cid series


It was an open secret watching the first season of El Cid, in addition to the fact that many of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar’s deeds remain to be told, but Amazon Prime Video has officially confirmed that the series has been renewed for a second season.

In the second season of El Cid, after the death of King Fernando, his sons Sancho, Alfonso and García became the kings of Castilla, León and Galicia, respectively. Urraca, lady of Zamora, will handle the threads of power and we will discover her darker side. The disputes between them will transform the Iberian Peninsula into a field of bloody battles. Ruy is knighted, but in the process he will have to sacrifice what he loves most to become a true hero.

The filming of the series has covered a good number of locations throughout the national territory, including Soria, Burgos, Teruel, Ávila, Madrid and Zaragoza. In addition to Jaime Lorente repeating in the main role, and that increase in the importance of the figure of Doña Urraca, played by Alicia Sanz, the following actors will repeat their role: Elia Galera, as Queen Sancha ‘la Bella’; Carlos Bardem as the Count of León; Juan Echanove, in the role of the bishop; Alicia Sanz, as the Infanta Urraca; Francisco Ortiz, playing Sancho VII ‘el Fuerte’; Jaime Olías as Alfonso VI; Lucía Guerrero, in the role of Jimena; Lucía Díez, as Infanta Elvira; Nicolás Illoro, as King García; Juan Fernández, as Rodrigo, El Cid’s grandfather; Pablo Álvarez, as Orduño, Ruy’s antagonist; Ginés García Millán, as King Ramiro of Navarra; Dani Tatay, as Beltrán, Ramiro’s son; Dani Albaladejo, as Maestro Orotz; David Castillo, as the squire Lisardo; Adrián Salzedo, as Alvar; and Álvaro Rico, as Nuño, along with Hamid Krim, who plays the Sultan of Zaragoza Al-Muqtadir; Sarah Perles, as Amina, daughter of the Sultan; and Zohar Liba, in the role of Abu Bakr.

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The series has its premiere confirmed for the remainder of 2021, probably at the end of the year, as happened with the first batch of episodes, consisting of only 5 chapters. Will this second one be just as short?