Amazon Luna boss Marc Whitten leaves company


Cloud gaming services are booming as of late. But everything seems to indicate that the way to achieve success with them is not easy. Especially for companies that are having their first adventures in the video game industry. This is the case of Google Stadia, which recently closed its internal studies, and it could also be the case of Amazon Luna.

The fact is that Marc Whitten, head of the platform, announced today that he is leaving the company. His name may not be familiar to some, but Whitten is a great veteran of the sector, having worked in the past for Xbox. The reason for the march? As he has commented, he will join Unity as Senior Vice President and General Manager.

The announcement, echoed by Gamespot, has been published and Twitter by researcher Matthew Ball. This is what Ball says in his tweet, which you can see below:

“Somehow, I completely missed that the head of Amazon’s cloud gaming service Luna moved to Unity this month. Marc was a former CPO for Sonos and Xbox. This follows obvious problems on Google’s Stadia. this month. “.

In a later message, Ball has clarified that the reason, due to possible speculation about the current situation of Amazon Luna. This is what he said about it:

“To make this clearer, the head of Amazon’s cloud gaming division moved into a gaming business focused on local processing.”.

Anyway, even if the reasons for the march were only a work project that motivated him more, it is still shocking, considering how enthusiastic he had been with the project only a few months ago. Apart from that Luna is still a totally new device on the market. In fact, it was announced just 5 months ago.

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