AMD expects PS5, Xbox and PC chips to be in short supply in the first half of 2021


Despite the record he broke AMD in 2020, They are warning that there is going to be a shortage of chips for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC during the first half of this year 2021.

As reported in Tom’s Hardware, AMD recently reported on its earnings in the last segment of 2020 and AMD President and CEO Lisa Su spoke of this shortage in response to a question from an investor who asked about the amount of stock with which to They count given the pandemic situation due to COVID-19.

And while they have enjoyed a “rush” in business, Su has mentioned that overall demand exceeds his planning. As a result, there were shortages near the end of the year in the PC and video game markets. Su has also talked about how supplies will improve for the second half of 2021, something that will help increase production.

“And so when we see things better after the first half of the year, we will add capacity for the second,” Su said. “And in terms of how we plan it, overall for the year we have good prospects in terms of demand and supplies. And that’s the foundation of the business.”

Are we going to see less console and PC production then?

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