Among Us will take its impostors to paper: it will receive a manga adaptation in a Japanese magazine


Unlike other franchises, it will appear in a single issue and will not have more chapters.

From time to time, the video game sector surprises us with situations of the most unusual. We lived something like this with the bombshell of Among Us, which, despite launching in 2018, had a huge increase in popularity in 2020. Since then, the team at Innersloth has been working hard to bring updates to its community with new maps, roles, and various cosmetics. However, the game of impostors does not stop giving us peculiar news, as we see again with its manga adaptation.

Among Us manga will appear in the magazine on February 28This curious proposal has been pointed out by the account Manga Mogura RE on Twitter, which is dedicated to communicating news about this Japanese product. Bessatsu Corocoro, a Japanese publisher dedicated to children’s content, will bring impostors to paper in its next February issue, which will be available on day 28. In this way, and although this is not seen in the gameplay of the installment, it is possible that the authors create a short story for their little characters.

However, this argument cannot be extended much, since the adaptation will be made only for the February issue. Unlike other franchises, which have chapters every month, the Among Us manga he will not continue with his vignettes from March.

And it is that the success of the impostors and crew still present on platforms of all kinds. In this sense, Among Us has been the most downloaded game of the month of December on PS4 and PS5, so you can already imagine the influence that the game has today. In addition, from Innersloth they have already made it clear that they intend to experiment with different formats beyond the traditional, and that is why they have also announced a VR version that will intensify the discussions.

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