Amy Adams opens the door to her possible presence as Lois Lane and talks about the return of Henry Cavill as Superman


Man of Steel actress Amy Adams has stated that she would like to reprise her role as Lois Lane in upcoming DC movies after Henry Cavill has confirmed his return as Superman.

He expressed his excitement for Cavill’s return during an interview with Variety, but said that has not yet been contacted by the studio. “I’m excited for him,” she said. “He’s a wonderful Superman, so I’m very excited for him.”

When he was asked about his own returnAdded Adams, “I haven’t been told about it. If it’s me, great. If it’s someone else, the role of Lois has been played by many wonderful actresses in the past, so I’ll support whatever direction they take.”

Amy Adams first appeared as Lois Lane in the 2013 hit film Man of Steel, going on to appear alongside Cavill’s Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as in the critically acclaimed League of Legends film. Justice.

Warning: spoilers for Black Adam to follow.

The announcement of Cavill’s return follows his appearance in Black Adam in an uncredited cameo appearance in which he appears as the Man of Steel in a post-credits scene.

It’s unclear how Superman will fit into DC’s new 10-year roadmap, but with James Gunn becoming DC’s new head, it seems we can expect a more cohesive vision for the DC universe moving forward.

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It remains to be seen if Adams, Diane Lane (Superman’s mother) or any of the other performers who have participated in the last DC Superman movies will return to the fray.