An engineer builds the world’s largest Nintendo Switch and donates it to a children’s hospital


Space engineer Michael Pick has not only created the largest Nintendo Switch “Playable” in the world, but donated it to Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital in Vanderbilt for the kids to enjoy.

Pick has shared a video showing how he created his Switch through his YouTube channel; He has explained how he has managed to make the machine work, which is 650% larger than a normal console and has a 4K screen.

Each button on this 70×30-inch Switch works exactly the same as the originals, although the Pro controls on the machine can also be used. Pick has built this Switch with a mix of wood and material for 3D printing; it uses a real Switch together with a micro-controller that registers when we press the buttons.

The joysticks have also been 3D printed, and he has used rubber strips to center the large joysticks on the originals. Pick has shown how he plays Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on this huge Switch, and also Fortnite. It’s fun to watch him use the entire palm of his hand to use the buttons.

IGN has spoken with him about the project and explained what has inspired him to build the largest Switch in the world.

“I used to lose the Switch … hahaha” he joked. “No, seriously, I thought it would be a really cool project. And I knew the kids at the hospital would love it. So it was a double win for me.

“They told me at the hospital that they planned to install the giant Switch in one of the arcades for the kids to play. The most common is that they use Joy-Cons, so it will be more comfortable.

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Before this Switch, Pick handled smaller projects, including the world’s smallest MacBook Pro and even the smallest gaming PC.