An ex of Call of Duty is critical of the franchise and demands better treatment of the player


Robert Bowling, a creative who was working on Infinity Ward, calls for a revitalization of the saga.

We can agree more or less, but the truth is that, no matter how many followers he continues to gather, the saga Call of Duty it is not at its highest point of success. Yes, Warzone continues to function at the player level, but with Vanguard things have not gone too well, with recent polls showing a decline in popularity from previous years.

For this reason, perhaps the message that we saw a few days ago from Robert Bowling, a former Activision franchise creative who worked for the Infinity Ward studio from 2006 to 2012. In a response on Twitter to a post on the official Modern Warfare account, he asked for a revitalization Call of Duty and treat players as a community, not consumers.

We need to focus on the playable and not the contentRobert Bowling“It’s time to build from the ground up. We need more than an iteration, a revitalization. To refocus on the playable core and not so much on the content. We used to treat our players as a community, not as consumers. We involved them to give us their opinion on the maps, not a market opinion, “reads Bowling’s tweet.

After passing through Infinity Ward and making his first steps in the industry, Robert Bowling is now head of the studio Midnight Society, a development team that hopes to do great things in multiplayer online PvP titles, along with other names like Quinn DelHoyo, developer of Halo Infinite, as pointed out by GameSpot.

As we said, the Call of Duty saga remains in shape thanks to Warzone, which has released a new map, although not without problems. To fight against cheaters in multiplayer, the new anti-cheat system they have developed is now available, RICOCHET, which killed 48,000 user accounts in just one day of operation.

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