An insider predicts the Nintendo Direct announcements


We finally know that there will be a new Nintendo Direct, after a long time without one in use, and that it will be focused on the games that Nintendo Switch will receive (obviously, it is the only active console of the company) this year 2021. That means several things, Among them, it is not possible to expect too much news. And now, with you, the rumors …

And it’s a Nintendo insider who has already gotten wet anticipating elements. The group of “leakers” Leaky Pandy He has already predicted that in the weeks ahead there would be news. And this before the Direct was made public.

We are going to have, they say, several weeks with announcements but none of them will be related to new hardware. Come on, neither Super Switch nor Switch Pro for now, as Nintendo has already repeated ad nauseam.

What we will have, it is assumed, will be games from large franchises that have already been announced, and that will be presented again, which shows that there is not a large mass of first party novelties in development; There would only be two games of their own this year.

The thing does not promise too much, we know. But they are still leaks. What if Nintendo gives a bell and leaves us out of the game with news?

Source: Comicbook

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