An orange peel and an absurd simulation: the unusual play that is all the rage on the networks


The dissemination platform offered by social networks and globalization allow an unusual situation that occurred in the world to be known in all parts of the world. Third division of Guatemala. Deportivo San Lorenzo faced Batanecos FC and the match was stopped because a soccer player was on the ground awaiting medical attention. Amid so much tumult and mess, one of the protagonists carried out an action that went viral.

An orange peel flew onto the playing field without impacting anyone. A player from Batanecos quickly appeared, losing 3-1, He grabbed the piece of fruit and pretended that he had been hit by it in order to suspend the game due to an attack from the rostrum. The truth is that one of the footballers of the local team appeared and returned the shell to the sector from where they had thrown it.

To the poor Rosbin Ramos, who wore the number 16, needed to improve a little more performance so that those present believed him and were concerned about his health. The Deportivo San Lorenzo footballers surrounded the actor, hoping that he would stop on his own so as not to continue delaying the resumption of the match. The people present in the stands began to insult when they saw the plan that the rival footballer had in mind. “Ridiculous!”shouted one of the fans as the linesman slowly approached to check on Rosbin’s status.

Ramos already grabbed the object and simulated a blow to the face
Ramos already grabbed the object and simulated a blow to the face

After several seconds on the ground, the same player realized that his idea had not gone as planned and slowly stood up while the rivals besieged him for such a simulation. But in the end nothing serious happened and it was Deportivo San Lorenzo’s victory over Batanecos in a duel that had emotions on and off the field of play.

The Guatemalan league will analyze the situation to see if Ramos deserves to be sanctioned for his unusual action, which was recorded and shared on social networks, where it went viral within a few hours. Ramos never imagined that playing in the Third Division in Central America would become known worldwide, even for something negative.

Although the championship leadership will seek the best decision with the player, what it could not avoid was the expansion that the video had on the Internet and all the criticism Rosbin received for trying to simulate aggression by the public.


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