Analysis of Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection, it’s time to suffer again like before


Countless times this game has left me in my underpants. Literally, because if you are old men from the world or know a mythical franchise, you will know that the protagonist of these adventures loses his armor and clothing with each blow received, until he dies. And that will happen many times; I laugh at Miyazaki and all the Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro together, because this is a real hell.

And there is the grace.

Ghost ‘n Goblins and Ghouls’ n Ghost are classic video games from the 80s, when difficulty was the hallmark of a medium that was striving for you to toss a new coin in the arcade machine on duty. It was more profitable to be difficult than easy, of course, but you had to maintain a complicated balance of palpable improvement with each attempt, almost as if you were paying for private lessons, to feel that you were getting closer and closer to the goal, which sometimes was to be able to complete the first phase and that’s it. Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection was born to worship these classic video games, keeping the essence within a package that feels new and that we can easily play on Nintendo Switch.

Like before, but now

Much of the success of Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection is found in its ability to create an enjoyable packaging today on Nintendo’s hybrid console, with a new visual aspect that is more aesthetically beautiful but that manages to make us remember the images of the games of the time. As its name indicates, it is a resurrection, so it is time to pay tribute but serve under current standards..

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The simple control scheme is kept and anyone can play Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection. Another thing is that it is able to complete it, of course. Advance, jump and use the different weapons that we will find in the scenarios and that will allow us to kill all the creatures that will not hesitate to complicate our lives excessively. Zombies, demons, skeletons, terrifying creatures … everything you see on stage is likely to end your life. And sometimes even what is not seen.

This absolute requirement does not match the current standards of the video game industry. It is not that the public does not want difficult video games, but this franchise is one step ahead. It is normal that with the excuse of the Resurrection they have wanted to make some adjustments in terms of complication, and before starting to play we will have the possibility to choose between different levels of difficulty. Do you want the classic difficulty? You have it. An even bigger challenge? You are crazy, but you can. Do you prefer to play something calmer or opt for the simpler option? Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection will remain difficult, but less exasperating.

Choose your way. But here you have come to play, don’t be a coward to me.

These changes are appreciated, but on many occasions the game is excessively hostile against the player, not only with the presence of enemies, but with the layout of the scenarios, mobile platforms and other types of impediments. We will die a lot, maybe too much, and sometimes failure does not depend entirely on our imprecision with the controls.

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Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection allows us to restart the game from different control points arranged by all levels, which makes progress a little easier. If they kill us we will not have to start from scratch and, in addition, we will not have limited lives to complete the entire game. That would be an absolute feat worthy of a few.

The work tries to be respectful until the maximum consequences and it is impossible not to see the efforts to maintain the original essence. These additions suit him well to facilitate entry into his world, but perhaps more than one player would have preferred a much more complete reform, not only trying to bring the classic approach in a modern environment, but also creating a new Ghost ‘n Goblins from scratch. But, of course, it is not his intention or what he intends to offer.

Everything reminds us of classic deliveries, despite its new visual appearance.

There is technology and we will see new elements in their scenarios, in the behavior of the enemies, in the generation of some traps … but Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection is a unique and lonely love song to the classic games of the legendary franchise. Weapons of all kinds, classic and new, as well as spells and abilities. We will find everything on the stage and they will be fundamental to guarantee victory or failure … and yes, there are still some totally useless tools that can destroy our hopes as before.

Different scenarios ranging from the classic cemeteries (yes, which will also remind us of the classic deliveries) to more spectacular but equally complex places. We can choose the path to take, so that we can suffer some scenarios or others to our liking. Like the one who chooses to get hit in the jaw or chest. It hurts, but at least you can see it coming. If you are able to enter its destructive dynamic and you like games that shoot first and salute later, you will feel at home.

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It is hard and it is impossible not to think that the market is full of other quality exponents, which are probably capable of offering a much more pleasant experience than this product. But if you go for Ghost ‘n Goblins Resurrection you know very well where you are and why you have come. Do you like the classic saga and want to meet again with these briefs, rescue the princess and suffer a lot? Do not hesitate.

If you have a love for classic games, Ghost and Goblins Resurrection will enchant you. It is a love song, adapted to Nintendo Switch with just enough. A new visual aspect, but always remembering the unfair moments we spent with one of the most difficult and bloody sagas in the history of the medium. New difficulties allow suffering to be minimized … but what have we come to?