Analysis of the AOC U28G2XU – 4K, IPS and minimal response; a monitor with all the tools to succeed


Monitors are a peripheral that it has to enter us through the eyes in more ways than one. For many players it is not only worth having a good image, a beautiful design, or a powerful list of extras; if the panel specifications do not accompany the set all of the above falls on deaf ears, while if even complying with all this, we do not find the appropriate price or format, said monitor will not be suitable for our use.

That is why it is so difficult to find a model that brings with it all the necessary characteristics of a studied purchase, and for that very reason. it is celebrated so much when it is given to her. Well, we would dare to say that we have had one with us these weeks, in the form of a monitor that comes from the hand of AOC Gaming.

We are talking about the AOC U28G2XU / BK, a real name gibberish that hides behind it a solid option for those who want to play in 4K resolution at a convincing price within this range, and a model that we have analyzed for you in these lines. We invite you to join us in this brief review.

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Built in a familiar and convincing way

As you can imagine by its name the U28G2XU belongs to the G2 series from AOC, one that is focused on offering attractive prices within its range, sharing both chassis and construction with the rest of the G2 series brothers. A deliberate measure to save unnecessary costs.


This not necessarily bad news. Both the materials of the G2 series and its construction fall within what we would call good finishes for a monitor; with special mention for its table base adjustable, which gives a welcome extra fit for the U28G2XU given its relative small size. Both pivoting between positions and height adjustment are adequate, and we even have the option to opt for alternative VESA mounts.

Of course with plastic as the main protagonist from the overall build of this model, we cannot expect a truly Premium for the AOC model, these types of elements are reserved for monitors close to 900 euros, although we do not believe that these sensations are sought. Where this cheapening permeates the most is in the control of the model’s OSD, based on individual buttons and somewhat archaic for our liking, although once configured we don’t have to use it much more.

Image Moni1

In terms of connectivity, the model boasts a somewhat standard, but equally powerful selection of connections, with a DisplayPort 1.4 (with DSC) as the main output, two HDMI 2.0 to use our consoles and a small USB hub to give an extra utility to the model. Again, grateful elements in a monitor designed for an audience that looks for the economic factor.

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An enviable specification list for its price

As we have anticipated, the true protagonist of the model, as well as what takes the greatest interest if we look at its specifications, is its 3840 x 2160 pixel panel at 144 hertz based on IPS technology.


The specific model of the panel is the M280DCA-E7B, manufactured by Innolux, a model that we see in other models such as the XB283K-KV from Acer or the M28U from Gigabyte, both models more expensive than the one we highlight, and all of them with an image quality of the most remarkable.

“The factory calibration of the monitor surprises by its skill, especially within its price range, where it becomes cheaper in these aspects”

This is palpable in the ability of the AOC model to accurately represent the sRGB range, with a coverage of more than 100% of the range of this standard, levitating around equally high margins in other more demanding standards like the DCI-P3 with a 90% coverage. We don’t have the means to fiddle with screen calibration intensively, but both values ​​reflected by the manufacturer are relatively high for a monitor of these characteristics, especially one intended for gaming.

Image Moni2

Where his playful side stands out the most is in your response time per pixel, which fluently avoids the annoying blurring gameplay in fast-paced scenarios, leaving out of the equation other typical artifacts of poorly calibrated models, such as the ghosting or image retention. The general use feel of the U28G2XU is good in intense gaming scenarios, its priority given the focus of its use.

I have to add that we also see other interesting extras, typical in screens of these characteristics, such as compatibility with G-Sync y Freesync, or the appearance of DisplayHDR 400, although nothing that competes directly with more advanced models, both in range and price. Possibly, the only real weak point of the model.

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A few final words

AOC is as familiar with gaming devices as it is with price-competing peripherals. This U28G2XU is a reliable sample of it, for being a viable option at the cost level for those looking for a 4K monitor with high refreshment, which does not neglect the elements that make a panel a good choice to play.

Aoc Moni

Both the calibration of the panel, as well as its response capabilities in environments of game are most satisfactory, especially if we take into account other options in this range with a similar performance at a marginally higher price, although we cannot miss problems derived from the cheaper model, such as the absence of technologies such as HDMI 2.1, high-performance HDR (so common in this segment of 4K high refreshment), or the appearance of quality touches like a modern OSD.

AOC Gaming U28G2XU - Monitor 28 Pulgadas 4K UHD, 144Hz, 1ms, IPS, FreeSync Premium pro, HDR 400, Ajustable en altura, USB Hub, Altavoces(3840x2160 @ 144Hz, 370 cd/m², HDMI/DP/USB 3.2)

AOC Gaming U28G2XU – Monitor 28 Pulgadas 4K UHD, 144Hz, 1ms, IPS, FreeSync Premium pro, HDR 400, Ajustable en altura, USB Hub, Altavoces(3840×2160 @ 144Hz, 370 cd/m², HDMI/DP/USB 3.2)

Still, it is very difficult not to recommend this monitor for any player who has a team able to take advantage of its virtues. At its resolution it is a round option at the performance level, and with its price, which is around 739 euros, even lower with its usual offers, only his availability It is a real barrier to make us by him if we want to move through the becoming of the high range.


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