Analysis of the SteelSeries Arctis 7 Plus, wireless headphones that do not envy anything to other Premium options


The sound It is a key section within the video game. A good example of this is its ability to immerse us in what is happening on the screen, or its great importance within a competitive title to communicate (and receive) critical information.

For the care of this important section, a huge number of different elements come into play, but if we focus our gaze on the player himself, there is no doubt that one of the most important elements in order to enjoy the sound in a video game, it is the peripheral through which we hear it.

In this section there are many options, many of them very good, but one of the most popular among gamers is headband headphones, and, within them, wireless models. Today we want to talk to you about one of these wireless headphones, the SteelSeries Arctis 7+, to analyze it through these lines. We invite you to join us.

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First impressions of the SteelSeries Arctis 7+

The SteelSeries Arctis series has a peculiar design language, and a very marked one. Once we take them out of the box we can appreciate the common lines to the rest of the series, such as its elastic headband, or the shape factor of its pads, characteristic of these headphones.


Salem seems very interested in the Arctis 7+

However, once in our hands, it is easy to see that the Arctis 7+ belongs to the high end of said series. The device has a nice touch, fruit of the finish of its materials, the central piece of the headband is aluminum, with a good fit, and all the elements of the headphones “are in place” following this line; even though his weight gives us away since it is a wireless model.

this feeling premium is transported to the box where the device comes, which has a good presentation and includes useful additional itemssuch as different cable connections, or the wireless receiver, a key piece for use in various devices.


It is true that outside of those extras for greater functionality, we did not find other additional ones, such as some type of compartment for transport, something that we could criticize a model of this range, although given the domestic focus of this device, this it is no more than a simple reproach.

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The construction is a fundamental piece of every headset

If we look at models like the Sennheiser HD600 or the Audio Technica ATH-R70X, both models attributable to a more enthusiastic user than the average player, one of the first things that can catch our attention is the build quality of both models.

“The aesthetic of the Arctis 7+ is “gamer” without reaching exaggerated or high points. They make the device look attractive”

This section is crucial in headphones from a certain price range, and with a current cost of about 199.99 euros in stores like Amazon, we would dare to say that the SteelSeries model has a build quality according to its range.

As we anticipated, the device is built through a central piece of aluminum, on which rests an elastic band with velcro that serves as adjustment for the headband; thanks to it the whole is “suspended” in our head.


At the ends of this piece rest the drivers of the device, covered in a plastic casing with good finishes. For the pads we have airwave As a cushion, a breathable and comfortable material. Set is attached to our head with little resistance, which makes the Arctis 7+ comfortable, but little prepared for sudden movements.

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How is the sound of these SteelSeries headphones?

Getting into the subject of headphones, we are going to talk about how these helmets perform for the use for which they were designed: enjoy the sound of our games without using a cable connection.

Unfortunately, we do not have measuring devices to produce a couple of graphs for the drivers and the microphone of this model, so we are going to talk about the sound of the Arctis 7+ from the point of view of my own experience of use.


The Arctis 7+ features a relatively similar sound lineup to other headphones gaming, with a relatively clean sound, slightly boosted bass, and more emphasis on highs than mids. However, this presence of bass is less than in other headphones of this type of range, changing said “strength” in the lower frequencies for an extra sharpness that makes them very comfortable headphones for listening of all kinds.

This profile does not excessively mortify our ears even despite being a “closed” model, at the same time that its continued use is not as exhausting as it usually happens with gaming headphones.

Turning to the microphone, I have to say that I was surprised by its clarity, especially for a wireless model, although, unfortunately, the microphone easily “spits out” plosive sounds; giving rise to the typical “P” or “S” of when we speak being more annoying than usual.

Accompanying both parties, microphone and drivers, we have the SteelSeries software for this device, embodied in the “SteelSeries GG” application. From it we can extensively configure headset behaviorthe emphasis of your sound and interactions with the microphone.


However, within SteelSeries GG, who really seemed to me to be the second protagonist of the experience behind this device is add-on from SteelSeries Sonar, a suite that stores all the extras (via software) of the company’s headphones, from its surround sound and customizable equalization, even adjustments in the capture of the audio. Thanks to it, the Arctis 7+ come to life, although it requires some time to customize our profiles to taste.

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A few final words for these interesting headphones

SteelSeries’ proposal with these headphones is very powerful. With the Arctis 7+ we get wireless headphones with a very enjoyable sounda good battery (about fourteen hours of use without charging), and good software that comes with the device.


In addition to this, the model has a great construction, which moves away from the aggressive look gaming once so popular, favoring a more sober line, easier to combine with any desk.

That said, at 199.99 euros for which we can get these headphones, there are equally interesting options outside the sector gaming, many of them even at a lower price; allowing us to acquire with the difference a simple stand microphone that improves the included experience.

SteelSeries Arctis 7+ - Wireless gaming headset - 2.4 GHz lossless - 30 hour battery life - For PC, PS5, PS4, Mac, Android and Switch - Black

SteelSeries Arctis 7+ – Wireless gaming headset – 2.4 GHz lossless – 30 hour battery life – For PC, PS5, PS4, Mac, Android and Switch – Black

Even within the SteelSeries itself, models like the Arctis 3 can offer us relatively similar sensations, bridging the gap in terms of extras or features, for substantially less.

Of course this is if we do not leave the comparison with models with a wired connection, comparing it with other wireless headphones we would say that the SteelSeries model is very well positioned.

Its sound is clear, its microphone surprises even without cables, its construction is excellent, and its software is an extra point that makes us see this model with good eyes. If you are looking for a wireless off-road model and budget is not an issue, it is not difficult to recommend this model.


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