Anand Mahindra’s gift to a 105 km bicycle laborer for son’s examination, will bear the expenses of child’s education


New Delhi Recently, a picture of a young man was becoming viral on the media and social media. The man rode 105 km to the examination center to get his son an exam. The picture of the young man became increasingly viral on social media and everyone was surprised to see the youth’s hard work and his passion for his son’s studies. This picture has now reached Anand Mahindra, an active businessman on social media. After seeing this, Anand Mahindra worked as a laborer in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), to help his son Shobharam’s son to help in the education. Also Read – Fraud of Rs 938.81 crore from SBI: CBI raids in many places including Delhi, Morena

Anand Mahindra has given information about this through Twitter. Through a tweet, he has announced to bear the expenses of Shobharam’s son’s education. Describing Shobharam as a hero in his tweet, he wrote- ‘A Horo guardian who dreams high for his children, which speeds up the development of the country. In Mahindra Rise, we call it Rise Story. Our foundation will bear the expenses of further studies of Ashish. Can any journalist help us in contacting them? ‘ Also Read – Indore Rain Update: The situation in Indore worsens due to rain, many areas submerged in water, 39-year record broken

Please tell 38-year-old Shobharam’s son Ashish had a 10th supplementary examination. But, due to the closure of public transport due to corona virus, Shobharam had to travel 105 km by bicycle to get his son tested.

A day before the day of Shobharam examination i.e. on Monday, started the journey with food items and after a rest in the middle of the night, started the journey again. With this hard work, Shobharam took his son Ashish to the right time on Tuesday morning at the examination center in Bhoj Kanya Vidyalaya, Dhar.


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