Angelica Ross Asserts That Emma Roberts Has Apologized For An Allegedly Transphobic Remark


Angelica Ross Asserts That Emma Roberts Has Apologized For An Allegedly Transphobic Remark:

Angelica Ross stated on Wednesday that her American Horror Story 1984 co-star Emma Roberts was sorry shortly after Ross accused Roberts of misgendering her on the set of the Ryan Murphy series earlier in the day via social media.

Ross, who identifies as transgender, reported receiving a private apology from Roberts and thanked her for “calling as well as expressing regret, realizing your behavior wasn’t that of an ally. I will leave the line open for you to follow through with your desire to do greater and use your platform to support social justice causes.

“Thank you, @RobertsEmma, for calling as well as apologizing, recognizing that your behavior was not that of an ally,” she tweeted Wednesday. “I will leave the phone line open for you to follow up on your desire to do more to support initiatives that promote justice with your platform.”

While Filming A Scene Together, Ross Asserted That Roberts Denied That She Was A Woman:

Ross, who co-starred with Roberts in the 2019 season of “American Horror Story: 1984,” claimed that Roberts refuted Ross was a woman while they were filming a scene.

The allegation was made within a recent Instagram Live video by the trans actor. Ross claimed that he did not report Roberts’ allegedly abusive behavior at the time because another person did and that he suffered “repercussions” for doing so.

Within a different Instagram Live post, Ross disclosed that during a brief pause between AHS sequences, Roberts playfully complained to a production member that Ross was being “mean” to her.

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Ross Stated That The Incident Infuriated Her:

According to Ross, the crew member attempted to ease the tension by saying, “Okay, women. Let’s return to work,’ to which Roberts reportedly responded, “Don’t you mean lady?”

Ross, who stated the incident left her blood “boiling,” said she was cautious of speaking up regarding Roberts’ behavior, anticipating repercussions. She stated, “If I say something, it’s going to be me; that’s the issue.”

“I know this because someone spoke out against what she did and the others were punished for doing so.”

Ross Stated She Was “Done” After The Incident As Well As Avoided Roberts For The Remainder Of Ahs 1984’s Season:

Ross stated she was “done” after the incident as well as avoided Roberts for the remainder of AHS: 1984’s ninth season, which premiered on FX in the fall of 2019 as part of the horror franchise.

Ross additionally stated that Roberts screamed at directors and compared her salary to that of her co-stars elsewhere during the Saturday Night Live broadcast. Ross remarked, “She was attempting to make it abundantly clear that she was first on the call sheet and in charge.”

“I am standing in front of Emma while speaking to her, and she is facing me with her back against the mirror. “She says, ‘John, Angelica’s being mean,'” she claimed, presumably alluding to AHS director John J. Gray.

The Series Took Place Within 1980s Los Angeles And Followed The Personnel Of A Summer Program:

Ross asserted that Gray subsequently stated, “Okay, women, you’ve had enough. Let’s return to our duties.” Ross stated that she worried retaliation if she mentioned the claimed incident, claiming, “My blood was boiling because I’m like, if I tell something, it’s going to be me that’s the trouble.

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“blanch remarking, “My blood is heating because I’m like, if I tell something, it’s going to be me. I am aware of this because someone spoke out against what she did, resulting in repercussions.”

AHS: 1984 debuted within September 2019 and paid tribute to slasher films of the era, such as Friday the 13th. The series was set within Los Angeles in the 1980s as well as followed the staff of a summer camp as they reopened the premises 14 years after a tragedy.

The series also featured Billie Lourd, Matthew Morrison, Leslie Grosson, Gus Kentworthy, John Carroll Lynch, as well as Zach Villa, in addition to Roberts, Ross, and Fern.