Animal Crossing: New Horizons also congratulates those born on February 29


It is very interesting to understand how there are certain games that have to face special situations, especially if they are “life simulators”, as is the case of the adorable Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a title in which, basically, we have to lead a peaceful and pleasant life on a little island that we are designing more or less to our liking and with our neighbors.

On this occasion, the game, which appeared in March last year, has faced its first particular situation: yes, Animal Crossing congratulates us if it is our birthday. But, What if we were born on February 29? Do we have to wait for another leap year to get a surprise party? Well surprise: it turns out not. On March 1, the game also congratulates us, solving that situation through a special dialogue, which will probably change if after 4 years we enter the day of our birthday on February 29, reports GameRant.

If it is that by then we are still just as hooked, which is also a little while now, but that would not surprise us either given the game-as-a-service approach that Nintendo is offering us in the long term, with a number of in-game events, additions, DLCs and even news like collaborations with brands and interaction with amiibo.

As a curiosity, last week they released a short trailer in the US in which Nintendo announced the collaboration with Sanrio in a pack of amiibo cards that will arrive at the North American chain Target during this month, which by the way were already in advance in Japan, and that to date they do not yet have a date for Spain.

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