Animal Crossing: New Horizons is updated with a new event and more news


Nintendo already warned that this 2021 it would continue to strongly support Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And he is not breaking his words. Today, the Nintendo Switch game receives a new update. And with it, a new event comes to the game, as well as other really interesting news. Obviously, the patch is completely free.

Thus, there will be no shortage of new emotions, new seasonal items, or, as we were advancing, the new event. This is called Festivale, which will have players looking for feathers to get “a passionate dance number.”. Although the best thing is that you see the trailer yourself.

As you can see, the trailer shows us Dancer Pave arriving at the plaza. From there, players will have to capture feathers (even with rarer versions of rainbows), with the goal of trading them to Pave to get those cool dances.

At the level of new emotions, players will be able to purchase the Viva Festival Reaction Set for Bells, which includes “Feelin ‘It”, “Let’s Go”, “Viva” and “Confetti”. And if that were not enough, on February 1, 2021, it will also be possible to buy new clothes available at the Able Sisters. Of course, keep in mind that all this content will be offered for a limited time (how long has not been specified).

We can’t forget about the new seasonal items either, as with this update you can buy chocolate hearts and heart-shaped bouquets to celebrate the next Valentine’s Day. All those items will be available from February 1 to February 14.

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Additionally, Groundhog Day and Big Game Hunt Celebration items will also be available at certain points. Finally, as you can see in the image above, it has been revealed that the next free update will be released in March 2021.