Anna Wintour Was Angry With Kim Kardashian Because She Held Up The Victoria Beckham Fashion Show


Anna Wintour Was Angry With Kim Kardashian Because She Held Up The Victoria Beckham Fashion Show:

Kim Kardashian has gone. Sources say that Anna Wintour, the boss of Vogue, was angry when she was late to the Victoria Beckham fashion show. The TV star was a special guest at Beckham’s Spring-Summer ’24 show in Paris on Friday. The show was held in the former home of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

One person who was there said, “Kim was very late. Anna was mad that the show had to wait until Kim got there. Anna left before Victoria did her walk in front of the guests shortly after showing the collection due to she was late for other shows.

Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, showed up in a purple dress and sat next to Wintour. Lisa Armstrong, who is in charge of fashion at the UK Telegraph, wrote on Tuesday, “The Kardashians usually keep everyone waiting for at least 50 minutes before “making their entry” at a fashion show.”

Anna Wintour Didn’t Look Pleased, And She Kept Tapping Her Watch At The PR People Before The Show Ultimately Started:

Before she became a fashion designer, everyone knows what Victoria Beckham did. But this season, her background is completely different. “I wanted to be a ballet dancer from the time I was three years old until I joined the Spice Girls,” she said at a preview of her new collection in Paris.

“One of the things I love about these dancers is that you are able to recognize a ballet dancer by her posture as well as the way she holds herself, even if you are on the tube.”

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“At Victoria Beckham upon Friday, Anna Wintour was clearly annoyed. She kept tapping her watch within the direction of the PRs before the show eventually started once Les Kardashians had arrived,” Armstrong wrote.

David Got A New Look Before The Big Event From Harper:

Armstrong then shared a video of Robert Downey Jr. as well as Cate Blanchett appearing at the Stella McCartney show within Paris on Monday. He wrote, “Proper celebrities who make it to fashion shows on time, unlike others I could name but won’t because this was a Kardashian-free zone.”

David received a makeover from his daughter Harper before the big event to get ready for Victoria’s show. He posted a video of the sweet moment on Instagram. Harper gives her dad David a touch-up with a makeup brush while a Taylor Swift song plays in the background.

“Taylor Swift, my little beauty artist was excellent and has an excellent playlist. We’re on our way, mom, @victoriabeckham,” the happy dad wrote in the caption.

David Also Sent Harper And Cruz A Picture Of Himself Before The Show:

David also showed Harper and Cruz a photo of himself with them before the show. He wrote in the description of the Instagram Story post, “VB Show ready,” and added a white heart emoji. In the beginning of the same month, Harper’s 12th birthday was marked by the Beckhams.

They posted an ode to their daughter and showed pictures from their most recent trip to Disney World. Harper wears pink and white spotted Mickey Mouse ears in the pictures, smiles with her parents, poses by herself, and hugs her dad.

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Serious Business Is Now Done Under The Victoria Beckham Name:

The Beckhams, Anna Wintour, as well as the chic, makeup-free Pamela Anderson, who has grown into a folk hero of this Paris fashion week, had to wait 47 minutes after the show was supposed to start for Kim Kardashian in sugar-pink satin and Kris Jenner.

Rose Royce as well as the Shangri-Las played in the background as soon as they took their seats, setting the mood for the show. At the end, Kendall Jenner, a third Kardashian, wore a black pants suit and shades to hide her identity.

Victoria Beckham’s name is now a big business. New beauty lines that came out in 2019 have done well. For example, the initial Victoria Beckham products came out during Paris Fashion Week.

In 2017, David Belhassen Purchased A Minority Share Of Victoria Beckham For £30 Million:

David Belhassen, founder as well as managing partner of Neo, which got a small stake in Victoria Beckham within 2017 for £30 million, said that the launch of Victoria Beckham’s fragrance “turns her into a fashion house.”

Beckham moved her show from London to Paris a year ago. She says she “feels very welcome” within the city, but this collection contained pieces that were a love letter to the British countryside, where she spent the majority of her weekends.

“On Sundays, my family and I go to a lovely antique shop where I love to look at the old tablecloths and napkins. They make me think of going to see my grandparents.” These old things gave rise to cotton sundresses with ruffled ends and tiny cut-outs of doilies.