Announced Silent Hill Ascension, a new experience for the saga: trailer in Spanish and all the information


Konami’s presentation of its horror saga leaves us with great revelations, among which the presentation of Silent Hill: Ascensiona new experience of the saga developed in collaboration between Genvid Entertainment, Bad Robot Games, Behavior Interactive (Dead by Daylight) and dj2 Entertainment.

According to official information, Silent Hill: Ascension “will immerse participants around the world in the psychological horror at the heart of Silent Hill in a unique way: putting an entirely new story and characters from Silent Hill in the hands of the public while it unfolds. narration, live and on multiple platforms.”

Namely, it is not a new game as suchbut of an experience that can be followed on different platforms and in which the audience from all over the world can take part.

Here the trailer in Spanish of Silent Hill Ascension in scoop:

Not much more information has been given about it, except that Genvid Entertainment, JJ Abrams’ production company Bad Robot Games, the Behavior Interactive studio known for developing the game Dead by Daylight and dj2 Entertainment are involved in its creation.

It is not the only information about the franchise that this presentation leaves us, since we have also been able to finally confirm the remake of Silent Hill 2, and other new installments such as Silent Hill f and the movie Return to Silent Hill.

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