Announced the funkos of Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong It promises to be the first bombshell of this year 2021, and like any successful film, it will have merchandising. IGN shows you exclusively the new line of figures Funko POP inspired by Godzilla vs. Kong, now that the company has allowed the two bugs to have this adorable mini version on vinyl figures.

Revealed as part of the 2021 Funko Fair event, the Godzilla vs. Kong will include several variations of the two beasts. In addition to the traditional size funkos, two large size and two keychain size will be released. You can take a look at it in the gallery that you have below:

Fans are excitedly waiting if any other monsters aside from Godzilla and King Kong show up, but assuming the two will have to put their differences aside to fight villains like Mechagodzilla, fans will still have to wait a bit probably to have other matchups immortalized in. this format.

Yesterday we told you that in the film we will see how a curious connection arises: Kong’s with a girl from the tribe of his island of origin.

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