Announced the remake of Silent Hill 2 developed by Bloober Team for PS5 and Steam: trailer and official images


The rumors were true and Konami has officially confirmed in its broadcast dedicated to the franchise that Silent Hill 2 Remake Developed By Bloober Team Heads To PS5 And Steam.

It has been confirmed that the game It will be exclusive to PS5 as far as consoles are concerned for 12 months.

Is about a complete remake of the original game from 2021, which will feature Bloober Team (The Medium, Layers of Fear) as the main development studio, with composer Akira Yamaoka and artist Masahiro Ito. The haunting city shrouded in brooding mist will be remade with visual, sound, and gameplay improvements.

Silent Hill 2 producer Motoi Okamotocomments that “Silent Hill returns as a high-end game. We are proud to announce the release of Silent Hill 2 for PlayStation and Steam, the best of the Silent Hill saga. Please look forward to this high-quality remake that comes to life from the hand of a group of experts in horror games.”

By the game’s composer, Masahiro Ito: “Pyramid Head returns. A new journey for those who know the original, and his origin story for those who know the character. And… the most memorable journey of the man most associated with that monster.”

and there is also comments by the CEO of Bloober Team, Piotr Babieno: “Silent Hill 2 was the game that shaped our collective vision at Bloober Team. It’s the game that started us on our adventure in game development. Now, we face a definitive challenge. A challenge that is to translate our youthful memories of the ultimate game into a language modern gamers can engage with, while creating an experience true to the original.Over 20 years ago, a team of brilliant minds at KONAMI developed one of the most extraordinary games in the world. the history of electronic entertainment. By partnering, KONAMI and Bloober Team will ensure that SILENT HILL 2 shines again to set new standards in the genre and deliver an unforgettable experience to the next generation of fans. With our work, we are determined to prove that Bloober Team is scaling the heights of what is possible and aiming for the pinnacle in game development.We are looking forward to the time when l Players can see our work.”

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Here you can take a look at a lot of official images of the new Silent Hill 2:

The Silent Hill 2 remake follows protagonist James Sunderland and his search for clues in the town of the same name, after receiving a mysterious letter from his long-dead wife Mary. Monsters and puzzles have been reworked after 20 years to adapt to modern platforms.