Another claim by the Indian government on China’s trade, increased monitoring of LED products exported

new Delhi: In the India-China border dispute, China has been given many trade shocks to India one by one. In this episode, the Government of India has prepared to give another blow to China. Now all LED products imported from China will be tested in the country. Custom clearance will be given to the products only after passing the test. This is a strict step towards curbing the imports from China. Also Read – A heated debate between Anurag Kashyap and Kangana Ranaut, said – You are the only Manikarnika – ‘Make a climb on China’

The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) under the Ministry of Commerce has issued orders at several major ports in the country to check the LED products imported from China. For this, a notice has also been issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade. Under this information, India has been asked to investigate LED products imported from China. Yes, Also Read – 5 Chinese hackers made big cyber attack, more than 100 companies including US, Indian government stolen data

According to this information, any consignment of goods coming from China will be randomly selected and its samples will be examined. The samples will be sent to the BIS lab for examination. After the investigation report comes 7 days later, it will be seen whether LED products coming from China have met Indian standards or not. Explain that only those products will be given clearance by the Customs Department, which will meet the standards of Indian security. If those products fail, then they will be sent back. Also Read – India-China Border Standoff: Rajnath said- We are facing the challenge in East Ladakh, India wants a peaceful solution to the issue