Another Fortnite skin can be used as a pay to win


Users of Fortnite they are generally quite inventive. There are those who use the technique of the rat (also called camper or as they say recently, “tactical”), there are real artists who they brag about playing Call of Duty style “and it goes to Call of Duty” that’s why, and there are those who, however, are able to use the material available in the game to hide in plain sight. Today it is another skin that, curiously, is the same as a hologram, of which you can even imitate movements with a gesture.

On the SypherPK channel, this has appeared:

This is what the YouTuber has shown: if he makes that gesture imitating the hologram, in the newly added canteen, they do not know that he is a player, and therefore he goes unnoticed and … gives him time to plan a good shot and finish with opponents.

It is not the first time that these things have happened, and in fact Epic has always been very critical of this kind of use of skins. Not surprisingly, they usually remove what “is left”, see the Storm Scout rifle.

Source: Comicbook

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