Another “Simpsons” prediction: Kamala Harris as Lisa Simpson

The resemblance of Kamala Harris to Lisa Simpson as president of the United States
Kamala Harris’s resemblance to Lisa Simpson as US president

The creators of The Simpson they did it again. Years after being praised for predicting the presidency of Donald Trump, The same episode of the famous American series is now attributed the forecast of another important event: the arrival of Kamala Harris to the vice presidency of the United States.

Wednesday’s image on Capitol Hill of the first woman to arrive at the White House in U.S. history had fans of The Simpson, who immediately took to social networks to remember the 2000 episode titled “Bart to the Future”, in which Lisa Simpson becomes the first female president of the United States, precisely as a successor to Donald Trump.

And although this connection may seem weak because it is not exactly the same charge, viewers noted that Lisa was wearing the same purple outfit Harris wore during the inauguration on Wednesday, including the pearl necklace and earrings.

“Kamala Harris is really Lisa Simpson, and I’m all for it,” said a Twitter user, along with an image of Harris and the cartoon. “Kamala Harris reminds me of Lisa Simpson … almost the same outfit,” noted another. How do we know that Kamala Harris didn’t just copy The Simpson? ”Someone else joked.

The Simpson They are full of ironies and nods to today. AND This chapter also predicts that New York tycoon Donald Trump would be president of the United States and that he would not leave the country in good condition when he left the White House.

"As you know, we have inherited a major budget crisis from President Trump.", the phrase that also anticipated the change of command this Wednesday in the US
“As you know, we have inherited a great budget crisis from President Trump”, the phrase that also anticipated the change of command this Wednesday in the US

In “Bart to the Future”, the characters of the series see the future. While Bart continues to get into trouble and Maggie still does not speak, Lisa is the new president, and her predecessor in office is none other than Donald Trump. “We inherited a deficit in the budget of President Trump”, assures Lisa, while her secretary, Milhouse, confirms: “We are bankrupt”, and an assistant assures him that they were in debt to all the countries of the world.

Dan Greaney, scriptwriter of the remembered chapter, explained why he put that Trump would be president: “It seemed like the last logical step before hitting rock bottom. It was a warning to our countryWe put it in because it was consistent with our view that the United States was losing its mind. “

In addition, he explained that the idea was for Lisa to be president in a moment of urgency: “We had to put her in a situation where the problems were beyond her ability to solve them. That’s why we put Trump as president before her. “

The episode aired in 2000, when Trump had not yet expressed his desire to run for president.

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