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Antonela Roccuzzo’s new sports routine that surprised her followers

Antonella Roccuzzo boxing

Antonella Roccuzzo, the wife of Lionel Messi, is usually shown on its only social network, which is Instagram, where it is followed by 13.2 billion people. Images abound with his family and social gatherings. But he also shows off his workouts to keep fit. Today he published a story where he appears training boxing and she was very enthusiastic. Actually, this discipline is part of an aerobic activity.

“I started a month ago and I am learning, I love it”, wrote. She is seen with the gloves next to an instructor who throws blows at her and she bends down and returns them. There are those who claim that boxing training is one of the most complete because of the aerobic resistance it generates. Although in this case it is a complement to a routine that includes other disciplines.

As explained on the coach’s website (gravityxfitnessandboxing), physical work is based on “calisthenics, which is a system of physical exercises with one’s own body weight, cardio (aerobic), boxing and our own personalized techniques”. The circuit aims to lose weight and build muscle while greatly increasing energy and endurance.

Emphasize that the training is personalized. A “development of confidence, mental strength and a general sense of self-assessment of achievement” is sought. It is aimed at both men and women of all shapes, sizes, strengths, and weaknesses. Dietary advice is included if needed.

On other occasions, Antonela showed herself working with devices such as stationary bicycles, in which she affirmed “Pedal, enjoy, repeat. Training to achieve my goals ”. He always attached great importance to physical activity and is one of the most described on the social network. She and Leo Messi are the parents of three boys, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

Although winter in Barcelona is not as harsh as in other parts of Spain, where it snowed heavily in Madrid, training to warm up is usually a good alternative. The businesswoman and wife of the Argentine legend is noticed to be very hooked on her new routine that surprised her followers.

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