Antonela Roccuzzo’s year review: birthdays, family outings and Lionel’s transfer to Paris Saint Germain

Antonela reviewed 2021 in photos
Antonela reviewed 2021 in photos

2021 slowly comes to an end and each person has their way of reviewing what they have experienced in the last 365 days. With the pandemic in the background but always present and threatening to suspend major events again, next year promises more with the Qatar World Cup 2022 like the icing on the cake. A family that went through a full calendar like the roller coaster were the Messi Y Antonela Roccuzzo He was in charge of making a compilation on his social networks.

While awaiting a new celebration in his native Rosario, Lionel’s partner He uploaded 12 different photos to remember each month in his own way. The first image corresponding to January had Tiago, Ciro and Mateo as protagonists posing all dressed in black. In February the three youngest of the family appeared again but both Antonela and La flea all together spending a family moment in the armchair of their old home in Barcelona.

Already in March, Ciro had his birthday and the theme used for the celebration was Marvel superheroes and the smallest of the five disguised himself as Captain America accompanied by his parents. The three children of the couple returned to star in the April photo this time in the form of selfie taken by Roccuzzo, who wore a pink chinstrap. The detail? Tiago dressed in a diver from the blaugrana a few weeks after his father had an unexpected turn in his professional career.

During May Antonela decided to highlight an image of her in front of a mirror alone dressed in white and with fluorescent green heels that attract the attention of any spectator. That same month he also had one of his three pets as the main figure: Abu, a brown poodle. It is worth noting that the family currently has three pets in which it stands out Hulk, Dogue de Bordeaux of chocolate hue and Toby which is very similar to the first named only more veteran.

The family spent Christmas on the banks of the Paraná River (Photo: @leomessi)
The family spent Christmas on the banks of the Paraná River (Photo: @leomessi)

In June the Messi family was in Argentina and one of the walks was at the Monument to the Flag of Rosario. There, you can see the three children posing with several friends in the historic square. The presence in the country was dealt with by Lionel’s participation in the Copa América 2021 where he was finally able to break his negative streak with the Argentine team and lift his first major title with the Albiceleste in July. Roccuzzo remembered him with the Flea pose once the match at the Maracana was over.

Nobody in the world of football was prepared to live what happened in August: Messi decided to leave FC Barcelona to sign with Paris Saint Germain. Antonela recalled the day of the official presentation at the Princes Park with a nice family photo inside the playing field of the historic stadium. In September Mateo turned six years old and the celebration had his father’s new club themed with some details in reference to the Champions League.

Roccuzzo’s outings with his three children became a routine since they moved to the capital of France and October remembered it with the day they walked through the Disney complex in Paris where they posed with Mickey and Goofy. During November, it was Thiago’s turn to add another year and, as with his middle son, they decided that PSG would be the decoration of the day and even had a miniature Eiffel Tower with the logo of the French team.

The family returned to Rosario to spend the holidays and Antonela closed her annual compilation with an image with Lionel prior to a celebration in recent days. There is no doubt that it will also be active to show on social networks the arrival of a new year in which it will be expected to end with the Flea holding the World Cup in Qatar.



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