Apex Legends could arrive on Nintendo Switch in a week

They have us waiting, but we know that companies love to give us surprises from time to time … but this one Apex Legends, if it occurs, it begins to not emerge as a real novelty. And is that the long-awaited adaptation of Apex Legends para Nintendo Switch, first announced in the summer of 2020, could be so close that we don’t even see it coming.

Everything starts to hit very hard every day February 2ndCome on, in a week. It is the day that Season 8 of the game is released. YouTube has been the cause of certain leaks in the description, but now they have been in a hurry to delete it. However, late.

What’s more, Amazon Japan has dated Apex – Champion Edition to February 2 of this year. Yes, the game will continue to be Free-To-Play, but if we pay we can have legendary skins and other paid rewards that are not included in the title if we download it without further ado from the eShop. There are very few days to find out, but be prepared, that the battle royale could already be knocking at the door.

Source: GameRant

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