Apex Legends is preparing for a native version of PS5: its size indicates that the battles will be huge


Respawn has not given any official announcement, but this version is already in the PS5 database.

Respawn It has earned a place in the industry and in our hearts. The company responsible for games as popular as Titanfall or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has more than shown that it knows the tastes of the players. Apex Legends is not far behind, which has managed to captivate a good handful of users on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Although the community already had the possibility to play on Xbox Series and PS5 through the compatibility, it seems that the developers want to take a real step in the latest console from Sony.

The native version of PS5 would occupy 80 GB without counting additional updatesApex Legends has appeared as native version for PS5 in the database of the same console, as indicated by the account PlayStation Game Size specialized in this kind of searches. Supposedly, such novelty could bring Unique features for PS5 that are related to the benefits of its system or the particularities of its DualSense controller, since backward compatibility with PS4 only provides graphic improvements.

But there is still more, because the Twitter account has also revealed the supposed size of this version. Prepare a good space for the combatants, as they will require a few 80 GB of space without counting additional updates. It should be noted that Respawn still has not given any announcement in this regard, so it remains to wait for them to provide more information on the characteristics of this native version.

Although Apex Legends is preparing to give the full jump to PS5, not everything is going smoothly in the Respawn offices. Continuing with the battle royale, in early December we learned of the resignation of two key figures in the game. And here the changes in the structure of the company have not ended, since a few hours ago we learned that one of the creators of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has left the company after being 11 years in it.

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