Apex Legends: New Legend and Season 8 Date


The season 8 of Apex Legends begins on February 2 and marks the arrival of the new legend, number 16 of this Battle Royale: Fuse. Respawn Entertainment announced it a few hours ago.

With a Mayhem theme, it looks like Respawn wants to rescale to the action level in Apex. On the official website, Respawn announces Fuse’s arrival at the tournament, which has dramatically changed the shape of Kings Canyon. There are no screenshots yet, but the developer says we will see more very soon.

The new legend, Fuse, is a demolition specialist and a thief. When Fuse and his colleague discover a golden grenade in the hand of a dead soldier on their home planet, Salvo, they create a rivalry between the two that lasts for several years. Each of the two steals the grenade from the other, and Fuse becomes a ring fighter. Planet Salvo joins the Syndicate of Planets, meanwhile.

Fuse ends up telling her friend that she is leaving Salvo to join the Apex Games and offers her a truce, giving her the grenade. Obviously, with double intentions … We leave you the trailer:

We remind you that Apex Legends will also arrive on Nintendo Switch in a matter of a few months, this year.

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