Apple works on high-end virtual reality glasses


It will take some time to reach the market, but Apple is already working on some glasses Virtual reality high-end. More specifically, it is about helmets that will be able to show a 3-D digital environment that will cover many facets: from playing video games, to watching videos, or even communicating with others.

And although they still do not have an official launch date, it is said that they could land from next year 2022. In addition, everything seems to indicate that they will be glasses with a higher price than other market competitors, such as Sony or Facebook with your PS VR and Oculus.

The information, which has been published by Bloomberg, highlights that the sources have not wanted to reveal their identity, but speak of internal sources. The report also highlights that Apple is not looking to create an iPhone-like success for its first virtual reality headset.

According to the portal, the intention is to build a high-end niche product that will prepare external developers and consumers for their eventual more conventional AR glasses. They also comment that some Apple experts expect that, due to their possible high price, no more than 180,000 units of these glasses will be sold annually.

In any case, the product could include some of the brand’s most advanced chips along with displays that have a much higher resolution than existing virtual reality products. Some of the chips tested in the device even outperformed Apple’s Mac M1 processors, they say.

Regardless, the headset, codenamed N301, is still in an advanced prototype stage, but not finished. Therefore, it must be made clear that the company’s plans could still change, or even that the product may end up being discarded for commercial launch.

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