Arcane continues to add merits: it has now reached a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes


The League of Legends series had already garnered staggering ratings on other platforms.

Arcane started out as a perfect series for League of Legends fans, but its official premiere has made it a worldwide recognizable phenomenon. The particular animation already used by Riot Games and the argument that links the sisters Jinx and Vi with the clash between cities have been more than enough to make the series enjoyable for all types of users. For this reason, its success with a perfect score on the Rotten Tomatoes platform.

Arcane has achieved an average user score of 98%This League of Legends story had already reached similar milestones on IMDB, where it is considered the Netflix original series with best grade. However, it seems that Arcane did not want to end his rise to fame there, so he has now achieved a 100% in the average Rotten Tomatoes score, while users put it with a 98%, a more than excellent figure for Riot Games.

Arcane - League of Legends

Riot Games presents a story starring two iconic champions in League of Legends, although this premise does not leave out other equally famous characters in the MOBA. Here, we will learn about the origins of Jinx and Vi, who are separated because of great instability between his hometown, the corrupt and dangerous Zaun, and the home everyone dreams of, represented by the prosperity of Piltover.

Arcane has already finished its first season, but it does not want to leave its viewers in suspense and has already confirmed the production of a second batch of episodes. Therefore, we will have to wait a little longer to find out how it continues the premise of this series, although from 3DJuegos PC we have not been slow to identify some winks in history that give rise to all kinds of theories.

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