Are video games bad for kids? This father’s toys prove the opposite


Due to a controversy about the dangers of video games, the designer David Ferriz has exposed some ingenious ideas

Are video games bad for kids?  This father's toys prove the opposite

Those of us around here are fully aware of the most positive things about video games: indelible memories, disconnection from everyday problems, meeting new people, improving our skills … And this also leaves room for imagination with assorted toys and even the well-known Lego Super Mario set. However, not everyone sees these benefits, so we have already become accustomed to the biased articles that reiterate the dangers of this beautiful hobby.

Following the most recent article on this matter, which warned of the alleged lack of creativity of children due to technology, the co-founder of Devilish Games, David ferriz, has shared on Twitter the relationship of his 2 children with video games. As you can imagine, the children’s experience moves away from that erroneous idea that observes the environment as a focus of violence and shows two people with a huge imagination thanks to video games.

And this interest has led Ferriz to create all kinds of interactive toys based on your children’s adventures in video games: wooden swords and exploration por jugar a Zelda: Breath of the Wild, fight of little characters made with reeds thanks to the battles of Street Fighter, demolition of domino towers with a very Angry Birds style … And the list goes on as one more sample that videogames enhance creativity of the smallest.

This is something that we have seen several times in games as unique as Minecraft, as some users have invented a fully functional chess board, recreated part of the vast Star Wars universe and even the title of Mojang has been used to promote a game. church of Spain. Therefore, if you are parents with kids gamers, do not hesitate to carry out some of Ferriz’s ideas, because this union between toys and video games can still create more unforgettable family moments.

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