“Aren’t we human?”: The posters that appeared in the hotel where Novak Djokovic is isolated in Australia

"I'm looking for my freedom", one of the posters stuck from inside the hotel where Novak Djokovic is located (Reuters)
“I’m looking for my freedom”, one of the posters stuck from inside the hotel where Novak Djokovic is located (Reuters)

After spending just over eight hours at the airport in Melbourne, Novak Djokovic received on Thursday for the rejection of his visa and the consequent deportation of Australia. But, his lawyers appealed in time and now it will be necessary to wait until Monday, when a court is issued on his situation to know if the Serbian will be able to dispute the first Grand Slam of the year. Meanwhile, it has been isolated in the Park Hotel, where refugees are staying.

From the Serbian press there is great anger at the accommodation conditions that were imposed on the number 1 in the ATP ranking. The newspaper Telegraph rated the site as “horrible” and they charged hard against the conditions in which their occupants are. “The horror hotel where Novak is staying has a horrible history, a deadly wave spread from there “, they aimed from the middle of the native country of the world number one.

This Friday morning (Australian time) posters were taped to the windows and designed by hotel guests. “Aren’t we human like you? “, reads one of the banners, while another says: “Looking for my freedom”. These expressions raise the tension between Australia and Serbia.

Aleksandar Vučić, President of the European country, acknowledged that Djokovic he just asked you to help him “Escape from the horrible hotel” and thus be able to wait for the definition of his future in the house he had rented in Australia to stay during the dispute of the first Grand Slam of the year, as reported Telegraph. For the moment, he will spend his days with immigrants from an enclosure that generates controversy in Melbourne.

"Are we not human beings like you?"asks another of the hotel banners pasted by a guest (Reuters)
“Aren’t we human beings like you?” Asks another of the hotel banners posted by a guest (Reuters)

While Serbian journalist Sasha Ozmo from Sports Club indicated in his social networks that Novak they denied the request to pass the isolation in the site that had rented and warned that the tennis player they still haven’t given him his “wallet and belongings”, which are still at the airport. In addition, he reported poor conditions in the hotel room since “There are some bugs”.

“He went to a hotel for migrants, to a dirty room, without any of his belongings. The lawyers are doing their job. They are working to help Novak move to suitable accommodation and gain freedom. “her brother Djordje said at a recent press conference.

The Park Hotel, located in the suburb of Carlton, is an area that generates criticism from the inhabitants of Melbourne and its walls are full of protests related to arrests. There, in addition to Nole, are currently staying dozens of refugees detained that were transferred to Australia from places like Papua New Guinea, Manus Island, Nauru or Iraq.

There are people who have been locked up there for years and have experienced the advance of the coronavirus, with its different variants, with great fear. In an article he published The Guardian last October, they reported that the staff working at the hotel and the detainees denounced that it was an “incubator” of COVID-19. In that month, 22 of the 46 occupants tested positive.

Dozens of Novak Djokovic fans came to the Park Hotel to support him (Reuters)
Dozens of Novak Djokovic fans came to the Park Hotel to support him (Reuters)

Djokovic I travel to Melbourne on Wednesday in hopes of defending his crown from the Australian Open and seal his 21st Grand Slam title, something unprecedented. Instead of being welcomed by a champion, he was interrogated at the airport overnight before his visa was revoked and transferred to the city’s immigration detention center.

After an emergency court appeal, a judge ordered that the controversial star not be removed from Australia before Monday, when a final hearing is scheduled to begin. Just 10 days before the tournament, it is far from clear if Djokovic you will be able to play, even if you win in court.

Judge Anthony Kelly He warned that Justice would move at its own pace through all necessary appeals. His words are in accordance with what was stated by the prime minister of the oceanic country, Scott Morrison, who on Thursday tweeted: “Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders. No one is above the law. Our strong border policy has been key to Australia having one of the lowest COVID-19 death rates in the world, we will continue to be vigilant on this. “


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