Argentines shine in the Dakar Rally: another triumph and a remarkable comeback

Manuel Andújar, Kevin Benavides and Lucio Álvarez (Red Bull press / ASO press)
Manuel Andújar, Kevin Benavides and Lucio Álvarez (Red Bull press / ASO press)

Stage 2 of the Rally Dakar 2022 that takes place in Saudi Arabia that linked the city of Hail with Al Artawiya, in the northeast of the country and this Monday the Argentines returned to the top positions in quadricycles and motorcycles by the hand of Manuel Andújar and Kevin Benavides, respectively. Also noteworthy is the Lucio Álvarez who is third in the general classification of cars. It was a long-term journey with 791 kilometers of route, with 338 of timed speed and 453 of connection in a terrain with many dunes, rocks and stones along the way.

It should be remembered that due to the flooding of the Al Artawiya camp, this Monday’s partial was not a marathon, which is the variant where the competitors do not have assistance from the teams, that is, refueling or some repair in their vehicles if necessary.

After his stumble on Sunday due to a blow, Manu Andújar won in quadricycles and surpassed the Frenchman Alexandre Giroud and another Argentine, Pablo Copetti. The young man from Lobos, who is defending the title, is already sixth on aggregate and Copetti is placed as a guard behind Lithuanian Laisvydas Kancius, fourth on Tuesday. All of the aforementioned run with Yamaha.

While Kevin Benavides (KTM) recovered after a day in which he had problems with navigation and completed the partial podium behind the Englishman Sam Sunderland (KTM) and the winner of this Monday, the Spanish Joan Barreda Bort (Honda), which with its triumph became the third driver in the two-wheel division with the most stage wins (28) in the history of the Dakar, five behind the record shared by Frenchmen Stéphane Peterhansel and Cyril Despres.

Danilo Petrucci, without consolation, watches how the helicopter takes his motorcycle (Twitter / @dakar)
Danilo Petrucci, without consolation, watches how the helicopter takes his motorcycle (Twitter / @dakar)

In the general classification Sunderland came to the front and the Salta player is already 11th overall, but with good prospects for the rest of the competition. Kevin is the Dakar Rally champion in his category and is a member of the KTM team that has been the biggest winner since 2001 with 18 wins.

One of the events that marked the day on the two wheels was the abandonment of Italian Danilo Petrucci, one of the MotoGP figures who encouraged the Dakar Rally. But the Italian suffered a mechanical failure on his KTM and was left out of the race. The organization went to look for him and his motorcycle was taken by helicopter. The official rider of the Austrian brand in MotoGP will be able to re-engage this Tuesday, but he will no longer have a chance to fight for the victory due to the penalty in time he will receive.

While in cars Sébastien Loeb struck with the Bahrain Raid Xtreme prototype. Second was the Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota), which continues to lead overall in the category and in the race. While Audi gave its first real impact with the electric car with the Spanish Carlos Sainz and Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel, who were third and fourth.

In this division shines a trio of Mendoza: Lucio Alvarez (Toyota) has been doing a good race since this Monday he was 11th and is already third in the general classification. Orly Terranova he was 13th (10th overall) with the Bahrain Raid Xtreme prototype and Sebastián Halpern He was 16th with the Mini of the X-Raid team, but he marches seventh overall.

Lucio Álvarez is third in the general car classification (ASO press)
Lucio Álvarez is third in the general car classification (ASO press)

In trucks, the dominance of the Russians from Kamaz continues with a 1-2-3 led by Andrey Karginov, Dmitry Sotnikov (leader of the general classification) and Eduard Nikolaev.

While on UTV or “Side by side”, the Polish Michal Goczal won. He was escorted by the American Austin Jones and the Brazilian Rodrigo Luppi de Oliveira, each with Can-Am.

Rest of Argentines:

Motorcycles: Luciano Benavides (17th in the stage and 27th overall), Diego Gamaliel Llanos (36º / 35º), Diego Noras (69º / 56º), Joaquín Debeljuh Taruselli (85º / 67º), Matías Notti (118º / 126º).

Quadricycles: Francisco Moreno (7th in the stage and 7th overall), Carlos Verza (11th / 11th).

Autos: Juan Cruz Yacopini (46º / 23º).

It should be remembered that Eugenio Arrieta is a navigator for the Paraguayan Andrea Lafarja, who abandoned on Sunday’s stage, but if they solve the mechanical problem, the organization allows the competitors to continue in the race, although without appearing in the general classifier. In Monday’s partial they were 67th.

UTV: David Zille (40º / 30º), Pablo Macua (39º / 41º). Ezequiel Fernández Saso joins, who is a navigator for the Austrian Nicolas Brabeck-Letmathe (19th / 17th).

Trucks: at 9:34 p.m. local time (six more than Argentina), Juan Manuel Silva the second stage had not yet finished. It appeared 34º in the partial.

What is coming. It will be stage 3 that will unite Al Artawiya with Al Qaysumah and they will be 368 kilometers of speed and 555 of connection, the section where the competitors go from the end of the timed sector and go to the camp. There will be a lot of sand and tire management will be the key in another long day at the 2022 Dakar Rally, which this Tuesday will only complete a quarter of the general competition that has twelve sets.


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