Armored Core 6 is the next game from FromSoftware and is shown for the first time at The Game Awards


After a long hiatus and a fair amount of rumours, the return of Armored Core is confirmed. FromSoftware announced Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon at The Game Awards 2022 with a short trailer, confirming that will be released sometime in 2023.

The trailer shows just what you’d expect: giant robots circling and fighting each other. Other notable scenes are a planet on fire and a mecha with a backpack looking at the horizon.

Little else is known about the sequel, other than its approximate release date. No doubt fans will wonder if FromSoftware will give you a Soulsborne touch taking into account the success of Elden Ring and other installments, but nothing is certain.

After all, Armored Core is one of FromSoftware’s oldest series, dating back to 1997. Historically it has been a multiplayer-focused mecha shooter with a heavy emphasis on customization. The last time it saw the light was in 2012, shortly after the release of Dark Souls.

Armored Core V, the most recent title in the series, was an ambitious multiplayer game built around squads of players, loads of mecha, and various territories to destroy. For now, it is unknown if Armored Core VI will move in a similar direction.

has not been provided no release date beyond that it will arrive in 2023. You can find the rest of The Game Awards announcements in our full roundup, along with the winners list.

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