Arnold Schwarzenegger pays annually to keep this object from Batman and Robin, where he was the villain


Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has to pay a small fee every year to get his hands on one of the most important objects of the movie Batman and Robin. This object is nothing less than the costume of Mr. Freeze (Mr. Cold).

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Batman & Robin producer Peter Macgregor-Scott revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger has to pay Warner Bros. every year. a small sum of money to be able to have in his power one of the costumes he wore in the movie to play Mr. Cold.

According to the producer, no actor could take something from the filming set, but Schwarzenegger managed to convince the studio. Now, one of the costumes of the character he played in Batman and Robin is in his possession for only one dollar a year.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted a Mr. Cold suit. He came all the way to the top of the studio. He had to sign a contract, and I think he pays $1 a year to borrow the suit.. The lights in those suits last 9,000 hours. He doesn’t have them on all day but he does turn them on quite often,” Macgregor-Scott explained.

Schwarzenegger was tasked with bringing the villain Mr. Cold to life in the 1997 film Batman and Robin. The film, which was directed by Joel Schumacher, also featured George Clooney’s Batman, Chris O’Donnell’s Robin, Alicia Silverstone and Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy.

Fans can now experience a very different Batman, who finds himself under the directed by Matt Reeves and interpreted by Robert Pattinson. The universe of this Batman will go beyond the first film thanks to all its already announced spin-offs and The Batman: Part 2 (The Batman: Part 2), which will hit theaters on October 3, 2025.

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