Arvind Kejriwal said – America adopting Delhi model to defeat Corona


new Delhi: Plasma therapy started in Delhi has been beneficial in the treatment of more than 900 corona patients. Now the use of plasma therapy has also been started in America. According to the Delhi government, given the success of plasma therapy in the country’s capital against Corona, the Delhi model is now being emulated abroad. Also Read – Thermal scanners, social distancing signs on seats: Delhi Metro is ready, know how long it will run

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “Plasma first started being used inside Delhi, not only in the whole country, but all over the world, we were the first to trial plasma in Delhi and till date more than 900 people have been killed by giving plasma Has been saved. ” Arvind Kejriwal said, “On Monday, US President Trump has announced that work on plasma will start inside the US as well.” Also Read – Air India auction will not happen now, the government extended the date for the fourth time

The Chief Minister said, “The work which started two and a half months ago in Delhi, the work is going to start within the US after two and a half months by President Trump. The story of Delhi has remained a matter of discussion all over the world, how people inside Delhi controlled the situation in Corona. ” During the last six months, the tax collection of Kejriwal government of Delhi has also reduced. According to the Delhi government, tax is not coming at all. The condition of Delhi government is very critical on the issue of economy. Also Read – Corona Virus Death: Corona also discriminated between men and women, death occurred more than 45 years of men


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