Arvind Kejriwal’s reaction to the announcement of ‘plasma therapy’ for Corona patients, said this …


Coronavirus News: Corona continues to wreak havoc in the world. More than 200 countries around the world are facing the outbreak of Corona virus and so far more than 8 lakh people have become victims of this deadly virus. Meanwhile, all kinds of research is also being done on the corona vaccine (Covid Vaccine). It is expected that by the end of this year it will be ready to be vaccinated in India. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump announced that he had announced Plasma Therapy to treat corona. On this statement of Trump, the reaction of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has come. Also Read – Arvind Kejriwal said – If the economy does not improve, people will die of starvation instead of Corona

The Chief Minister of Delhi said that America is doing what Delhi did yesterday. CM Arvind Kejriwal tweeted congratulating Delhiites, saying, ‘He used to say, America will do what India does today. Delhi has changed this. Now what Delhi did yesterday, America is doing today. Congratulate Delhi for this. It is a great honor for our country.

Explain that on the initiative of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, plasma therapy first started in Delhi in April. For this, the Delhi government took permission from the Center. The results of which came much better. Then the world’s first plasma bank was started at ILBS Hospital on 2 July in Delhi.

It is known that a day earlier, US President Donald Trump announced authorization to treat Convulsant Plasma for the treatment of Kovid-19 patients. He is calling this move a ‘great success’. His top health officer described it as ‘hopeful’, while other health experts say it needs further study before celebrating it.

The announcement was made after White House officials complained that there was a politically motivated delay in approving vaccines and treatments for the disease from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which led to Trump’s re-election. The possibilities are decreasing. On the eve of the Republican National Convention, Trump placed himself at the center of the FDA’s announcement to authorize plasma therapy. This will facilitate some patients to get treatment but it will not be the same as full approval of FDA.

Plasma antibodies taken from patients recovering from corona virus infection are complete and may prove beneficial for those fighting the disease. But the evidence so far does not give concrete evidence about how it works, at what time this therapy should be given and how much its dose should be.

Let us know that America is the most affected country in the world by Corona. Here, the maximum number of 1 lakh 76 thousand people has died so far and the number of infected is more than 57 lakhs.

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