Ashoka was supposed to appear in Star Wars Battlefront 2 but the game’s untimely end prevented it.


Dennis Brannvall confirms that there were plans for Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice among more news.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 came to have downloadable content planned where, among other content, they would have welcomed Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. However, EA and DICE suspended the DLC plans for a video game that did not have an easy launch.

Asajj Ventress and Mustafar were also plannedDennis Brannvall, design director of SW: Battlefront 2, has been the one who has confirmed this information through a message on Twitter now deleted, where he also spoke of the landing of Asajj Ventress as well as the Mustafar map after the launch of The Battle in Scarif, the latest update to the shooter. No details have been offered about its cancellation, which in fact was advanced by dataminers As some followers of the space shooter will remember, although at that time Electronic Arts were already more focused on Battlefield 2042.

Imagen: Star Wars.Imagen: Star Wars.

Among these alleged leaks, the inclusion of Padme Amidala as well as the introduction of Coruscant as one of its new scenarios was even considered.

No hay Star Wars: Battlefront 3

On the other hand, Reddit also offered details of DLC not carried out for the first Star Wars: Battlefront, which was highly recommended to introduce Obi Wan Kenobi and Wilhuff Tarkin among some of the discarded expansions. All this is known at the same time that the dismissal of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 by EA has come to light, more focused on new games with a history of the saga.

Battlefront II didn’t have an easy launch after its controversial bet on daily loot boxes among other content. You can see what we think of the shooter by reading in 3DJuegos the complete analysis of Star Wars: Battlefront II. As for Ahsoka Tano, we will soon be able to see her in her own series for Disney +.

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