Assam Flood: flood devastation in Assam, more than 50 lakh people affected, 30 districts submerged


new Delhi: Assam is facing floods these days. During this time, the state’s disaster management department said that 30 districts of Assam have now been hit by floods. Due to this 55,59,797 have been affected. They have been taken safely from one place to another. At the same time 87 people have died due to floods. Let me tell you that the United Nations had extended its helping hand towards India yesterday and said that if the Government of India needs it, then the United Nations is ready to help India. Also Read – Assam Flood: More than 40 lakh people affected by floods in Assam, UN said- We are ready to help

In this regard, United Nations Confederation spokesman Stephen Dujarik said that millions of people had to be moved from one place to another due to floods in Assam. Such situation is also seen in Nepal, which has arisen due to heavy rains. Dujarik said that so far 189 (Nepal + Assam) people have died due to floods. That is why the United Nations Federation has decided that if India needs it, we are ready to help. Also Read – PM Modi spoke to Assam Chief Minister over phone, took stock of flood and corona situation

Let us know that many lakh people have been removed from one place to another place in Assam. Due to heavy rains, there is a lot of destruction here. Life has become disturbed. Not only this, about 90 percent of the national parks have also been drowned here. Cattle and a single pair of cattle have also died due to floods. So far 5 single singe rhinos have died. Although NDRF teams are deployed in Assam. Flood relief work is going on continuously.


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