Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi: Nalini tried to commit suicide in Rajiv Gandhi murder case, know why


Nalini Murugan Rajiv Gandhi Assassination: Nalini (Rajiv Gandhi Murder) convicted in the murder of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi has attempted suicide in jail. It is being said in the media reports that Nalini attempted suicide after a quarrel with a prisoner in the jail. Nalini has been imprisoned in Vellore Jail in Tamil Nadu for a long time. She is serving a life sentence. Also Read – Nalini convicted in Rajiv Gandhi murder case, gets 30-day parole for daughter’s marriage

Nalini has been in jail for 28 years. She gave birth to a daughter in prison. He is also accompanied by six convicts of the Rajiv murder case in jail. Her husband Murugan is also involved in this. Also Read – Nalini had 1 day parole | Nalini got 1 day parole

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated at an election rally in Sriperambudur in Tamil Nadu. He was not the PM at that time. On the night of 21 May 1991, he was on the stage for the rally that the suicide bomber of the terrorist organization LTTE blew himself up. Many other people including Rajiv Gandhi were killed in it. Nalini was not directly involved in the murder. The court sentenced him to death but the Tamil Nadu government changed his sentence to life imprisonment.


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