Astral Ascent announces its Kickstarter campaign


Hibernian Workshop, the studio behind Dark Devotion, today announced that the Kickstarter campaign of Astral Ascent, the 2D rogue-lite that plans to reach PC and consoles. A game in which we will experience battles against huge bosses. They also announce the arrival of a free demo so that we can go tasting it.

The Astral Ascent Kickstarter Kickstarter campaign will launch on March 29. Astral Ascent will immerse us in a fantasy world expressed in pixel art and totally handmade, let us play alone or in a local cooperative. There will be four playable characters and we will count dozens of unique spells that we can improve through modifiers so that everything fits with our style of play.

The title has a deep and intriguing story based on top-notch art designs, well-crafted animations, and characters that promise to remain in our memory. We will travel through the Garden, make new friends and discover what mysteries lie behind the Zodiacsa, all adorned with a promising soundtrack by composer Dale North.

If you are interested in the title, we invite you to go through the Kickstarter campaign.

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