Astral Pet Store Chapter 134 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Astral Pet Store Chapter 134 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Chapter 134 of Astral Pet Store will be out soon. Astral Pet Store is a cute as well as helpful manhwa. A lot of people really liked it because it had an excellent plot, what seemed like no holes in it, and likeable characters. The popularity of the series continues to grow as new parts are released every week.

Astral Pet Store was one of the most famous and popular manhua stories in the world. Millions of fans can’t wait to see what happens next with Su Ping, a young man who changes bodies and lives in a world where pet fighters and astral pets are common.

His strange pet shop can train pets quickly and give them superpowers, and he becomes the proprietor of it. He goes from being a bottom eater to a famous pet master who can feast on the universe’s best beings thanks to his method and skills.

A lot of people love the show because it has a unique plot, funny characters, exciting fights, and amazing pet designs.

As of January 8, 2024, the manhua continues to thrive with its 133 chapters, while the book has completed all 1,381 chapters. Fans can’t wait for the next part to come out so they can find out what happens next within the plot.

Astral Pet Store Chapter 134 Release Date:

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Astral Pet Store Chapter 134, which will finally be shown on January 15, 2024.  The last part, which came out on January 8, 2023, did well. People who liked the last part can’t wait for the next one.

The exciting plot will continue in the next book. People who read it will be on the edges of their seats with some new shocks. Remember to visit the Astral Pet Store and get ready for another exciting trip.

Astral Pet Store Chapter 134 Storyline:

Beware of spoilers! You can skip this part and go to the summary of the last chapter if you don’t want to learn what will happen within Astral Pet Store Chapter 134. It’s possible that some details in the book version of Astral Pet Store Chapter 134 will be different from those in the Manhua version.

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After beating the Inferno Dragon King as well as saving his friends and allies, Su Ping goes back to the pet shop. His loyal buyers and friends meet him. They are amazed by what he has done and want to gain knowledge from him.

Dragon King Academy officials also come to see Su Ping. They want to take him as a student and offer him many benefits and advantages. Su Ping turned down their offer, saying he had no desire to join any school.

Then Su Ping’s system sends him a message informing him that he has finished a secret quest and can now use the Astral Pet Store. Su Ping can market his taught pets to other pet teachers from all over the universe at a special place called the Astral Pet Store. In exchange, he will get astral coins as well as reputation points.

Su Ping wants to try out this new tool because it interests him. When he walks into the Astral Pet Store, he sees a huge hall full of stands and tables where he can show off his pets and decide how much to charge for them.

He also sees a big screen that ranks the most popular pet masters within the universe. He sees that he is at the very bottom of the list, with no sales and no reputation points. Su Ping doesn’t let the fact that he isn’t very good stop him; he chooses to push himself.

He puts some of the pets he has taught up for sale to attract customers and earn money. He also charges a lot because he is sure that his pets value it. Su Ping quickly learns, though, that it’s not as easy as he thought to sell pets within the Astral Pet Store.

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He learns that there is a lot of competition and that the people are picky and want a lot. Also, other pet owners make fun of and are mean to him because they think he is new and a fake. Su Ping doesn’t like how they act and promises to show them they’re wrong.

Then Su Ping meets a strange customer who wants to buy his Inferno Dragon. A young man with purple eyes and silver hair comes in. He wears a black robe and a mask.

He says his name is Ye Hao and that he is the yearly competition winner of the Dragon King School. This is the exact same person that Su Ping met earlier outside the school. Ye Hao tells Su Ping that he knows who he is and compliments him on his success.

He also tells him he wants to buy your Inferno Dragon and gives you a lot of astral coins as well as renown points as an offer. He makes an offer that surprises Su Ping, who doesn’t understand why he needs his Inferno Dragon so badly.

This makes Su Ping remember that Ye Hao owns the Golden Dragon King, which is the world’s biggest dragon pet. He thinks Ye Hao wants to employ his Inferno Dragon to make his Golden Dragon King stronger, so he doesn’t want to sell his pet to him.

Along with Ye Hao, he feels a sense of competition and wants to go up against him in the future. Then Su Ping makes Ye Hao a new offer: he will exchange his Golden Dragon King for his Inferno Dragon.

He says that strong pets are the only thing that interests him, not astral coins or character points. Along with that, he says he is sure his Inferno Dragon can beat his Golden Dragon King in a fair fight.

Su Ping’s counteroffer surprises and amuses Ye Hao. He says he admires Su Ping’s bravery and confidence, but he believes Su Ping places too much value on his pet and too little value on himself.

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He says that his Golden Dragon King was worth more than anything else and that he would never exchange it for anything else. Also, he says he’s ready to fight Su Ping anywhere, at any time, to show who is the greater pet master.

Ye Hao’s words don’t scare Su Ping, so he accepts his dare. He tells him he won’t sell his Inferno Dragon and will show him how powerful his pet really is. He also says he will beat him and be the best pet master in the whole universe.

Ye Hao laughs and says he can’t wait for the fight. He says he won’t back down and will beat Su Ping as well as his Inferno Dragon. As he leaves the Astral Pet Store, Su Ping feels excited and ready for what’s to come.

Astral Pet Store Chapter 134 Trailer Release:

Where To Watch Astral Pet Store Chapter 134:

People who are interested in reading the famous Manhwa story, Astral Pet Store, can do so in a number of ways. Most people read Astral Pet Store by accessing websites, which always provide the most up-to-date parts of the story. The websites always have the most current parts. Manhuaus and Harimanga are two of these kinds of blogs.

Astral Pet Store Chapter 134 Raw Scan Release Date:

The raw copy of Astral Pet Store Chapter 134, which is the first draft in Chinese, comes out a few days before the book comes out in stores. The raw scan of Astral Pet Store Chapter 134 should come out on January 12, 2024, based on the previous plan.

However, this date could change if the author isn’t available or for some other reason. Because of this, you should check the show’s main website as well as social media accounts for any news or changes.