AstraZeneca Corona Vaccine: What Happened After the Volunteer Trial of the AstraZeneca Vaccine and Why It Were

AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine: Corona virus is creating a furore all over the world. At this time, the worst conditions remain in India from Corona. At present, the eyes of the world are under examination in the corona virus vaccine. In this too, people have the highest expectations from the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, but a few days ago the trial of this vaccine caused a worldwide panic. However, it is now a matter of relief that AstraZeneca has started the human trial again. Also Read – Oxford AstraZeneca re-started trial on corona virus vaccine, so had to stop

On behalf of AstraZeneca, it has been said to stop the trial that stopping the trial is a proof of how seriously we are engaged in the manufacture of vaccine and in this also our focus is on the safety of the people. Now the question is coming in the minds of the people that what happened was that Oxford and AstraZeneca were forced to stop the trial. Also Read – Oxford Corona Vaccine: DCGI gave instructions to Serum Institute of India regarding the testing of Oxford Kovid-19 vaccine, this big thing somewhere

The company has said in its statement that when a vaccine is prepared on such a large scale and its trial starts, some normal infection always comes out but we cannot take any kind of risk on the corona vaccine. The company said that on the Corona vaccine, it was already speculated that some of the participants in the trial may have deteriorated and we had an eye on it. Also Read – China to make ‘nasal spray’ vaccine amidst Corona war, trial approved

For some safety reasons, it is not known what happened to the volunteer who tested the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, but a volunteer reported New York Time had a problem with transverse myelitis, a type of inflammatory syndrome. is. It affects the patient’s straight spine. This can also pose a risk of viral infection. It is also being told that there was some swelling problem in the spine of that volunteer.

Soon after this information, the trial of the Corona vaccine was stopped by the company and the team of scientists started collecting information about whether there is any relation of Volunteer’s disease to the trial of the Corona vaccine. However, later the company made it clear that it had nothing to do with the trial of the Kovid vaccine in any way. After this, it was decided to start the trial again on Saturday.

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