Astroworld Fest In Houston Details From The Police Report On The Violence And Chaos


Astroworld Fest In Houston Details From The Police Report On The Violence And Chaos:

Nearly two years after 10 people died at the Astroworld Festival, the Houston Police Department released its last report upon the event. The paper that has been changed has 1,266 pages. Some of it is conversations with people who went to the show.

Seanna McCarti, a student at Texas A&M, went to the show. Detectives talked to her a month shortly after the event, the report says.

“Seanna was very upset during this interview because an extensive amount of time had passed since the event and we have been able to get in touch with her since then. “She told the police that she was angry that they hadn’t taken her statement sooner,” the report says.

Most Of The Trouble Started After Scott Hit The Stage:

The papers show a wild scene that happened right after Scott’s main set. Most of the trouble started right after Scott hit the stage at 9 p.m. The show didn’t end for more than an hour.

Fans screamed for the performance to stop, and some jumped over barriers to get more room to breathe. Some doctors said they were too busy to help everyone who came to the medical tent.

More Than  1,200 Pages Of Report Were Made Public Upon Friday Morning:

Over 1,200 pages of reports were made public on Friday morning. They describe how people tried to stop the show right after it started.

It has comments from a security contractor, a firefighter, and a police officer who told higher-ups about the crowd and asked them to stop the music more than an hour before it was stopped.

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Right after Travis Scott’s 9 p.m. set, a security worker texted the festival’s security head, “Stage right of main has been crushed. It’s not good.” He then said, “Pull tons over the rail while they are sleeping. People look like they are scared. This could quickly get worse.”

The Detectives Took Scott Interview Just After The Disaster:

The detectives took notes during an interview alongside Scott at his home shortly after the disaster. During the interview, the Houston rapper told the detectives what he remember from the stage to be the disaster happened.

Scott said that he didn’t notice any strange crowd behavior during the show as well as didn’t find out about the deaths until after the show was over.

During the chat, the artist said that the crowd at the show was “super chill,” based on the story. Investigators talked to Scott, his security guard, and his boss at his home a few days after the event.

Scott told the police that he didn’t know how bad the case was until an early morning news meeting after the show. He said that he was in a state of “trance” during his act, so he wasn’t paying as much attention to the crowd.

Drake Told Cops That Because Of His Earpiece He Can Not Hear Any Message From People:

Drake told the cops that his earpiece made it hard to hear the crowd as well as that he didn’t hear any messages from people to stop the show. The report says that when he as well as Scott met up afterwards, “they weren’t aware at that point that something was going on at the concert.”

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He said that his boss told him about the problem and that he found out more about it when he looked at social media during 2 a.m. But that worker wasn’t the only one who thought something wasn’t right.

At about the exact same time, a Houston police officer said that people were “begging her to cease the music because there were people on the ground who were unconscious and being trampled.” She “put the transmission upon the air to halt the concert sometime around 9 p.m.,” the report says.

A Camera Man Told Cops That They Saw People Getting CPR:

During Scott’s set, several camera operators told the cops that they saw people getting CPR. Hoffman told the police that neither he nor his immediate boss, the camera director, had the power to stop the show.

According to the report, a single safety worker had texted one of the leaders, Shawna Boardman, around 9 p.m. about worries about crowding. Last year, the lawyers for Boardman told the cops that she “saw that things weren’t as bad” as the worker claimed.

A Caller Stated That The People Are Unable To Breathe:

After that, the number of calls to 911 went up over the following 30 minutes. At 9:13 p.m., a caller said, “People are dying; they’re unable to breathe. I can hear people scream and shout. “‘Please stop; please stop; people are dying.'”

At 9:20 p.m., a fireman called in with more worries. “That’s when I realized the crowd was getting smaller and people were pushing their way out of it. I told HFD Command what I thought was going on by radio,” he told a detective.

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Three People Getting CPR And Few People Were Climbing The Tower:

It took 19 minutes, though, before Houston police leaders said they heard, “Three people were getting CPR, and the people within the media towers were afraid because people were climbing the tower.”

We went back to the center of the venue right away to find it, find out what was going upon, and concluded the event.

The grand jury later looked into that risk and security director, who said the television program would stop at 10 p.m., yet when it didn’t, he visited the workers who were in direct contact alongside Travis Scott’s earpiece.