At 44, the ‘Loco’ Abreu is still in force: he signed a contract to play in Brazil and has 30 clubs in his career

Uruguayan Sebastián Washington Abreu will play for Athletic Club de Minas Gerais.
Uruguayan Sebastián Washington Abreu will play for Athletic Club de Minas Gerais.

Years go by and the Uruguayan striker Sebastian Abreu still valid. He had a brief experience as a coach in El Salvador and also another in Uruguay but he is not far from the pitch. At age 44, the Loco has signed a contract to play in the Athletic Club from Minas Gerais the 2021 Brazilian Mining Championship.

It will be the 30th club of his professional career, which began in 1994 at Defender Sporting of his country and that seems to have no end. His last experience was in Boston River, where he exercised the role of coach-player for a period but then decided to only contribute within the field of play.

“He is very well physically. I saw him two games in the First Division of Uruguay and he is a guy who is an example “, said Fábio Mineiro, sports director of the entity, in statements to Globe Sports.

Loco Abreu's last experience was recorded in Uruguay's Boston River.  (Photo: EFE)
Loco Abreu’s last experience was recorded in Uruguay’s Boston River. (Photo: EFE)

His arrival in Brazilian football, where he already had experience with the Gremio, Botafogo, Figueirense, Bangu Y Rio Branco of Vitória, It generates a lot of expectation for sports but also in the media. “Abreu will help on the field, he fits the Athletic profile, he is very professional. And also can help us grow the Athletic brand internationally“Added the leader.

Already from 2017, when he sealed his bond with Audax Italiano from Chile, the Loco Abreu captured the Guinness record of the footballer who has worn the most shirts in history, breaking the mark of 25 teams that the German archer had established Lutz Pfannenstiel. But his list just kept getting bigger and continues to do so.

Loco Abreu was a great reference in the Uruguayan team.
Loco Abreu was a great reference in the Uruguayan team.

Beyond its variety of equipment, which is also a curious and remarkable factor, Washington Sebastian Abreu is recognized for its successes. It was international with Uruguay in three America Cups –Champion in 2011– and two Cups FIFA World Cups.

In addition, it had steps by large entities such as San Lorenzo Y River Plate in Argentina, Deportivo La Coruña and the Real society in Spain; or casts like Blue Cross, America Y Monterrey in Mexico.


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