At A Concert, Singer Monica Jumps Off The Stage To Talk To A Man Who Is Punching A Woman


At A Concert, Singer Monica Jumps Off The Stage To Talk To A Man Who Is Punching A Woman:

The singer Monica paused her show in Detroit to help a woman who had been assaulted by someone in the crowd. Video from Saturday night’s Riverfront Music Festival shows the “Boy Is Mine” singer leaping off the stage to approach the man who attacked him.

Fans cheered, and security guards went with Monica through the crowd. Videos show that Monica stopped her show in the middle of the night to talk to a guy within the crowd who claimed she had hit a woman.

She did go back on stage as well as tell the crowd what had happened. She said she was sorry several times and that it was a hard time for her. Monica did keep the show going.

Monica yelled at individuals in the crowd to get rid of the man, and then she jumped off the stage into the crowd. Videos on social media showed the 42-year-old singer getting off the Hart Plaza stage after she seems to see a guy hitting a woman.

“You don’t hit no fuckin’ lady such as that,” the singer in the crowd said. The crowd cheered loudly when Monica received assistance back up to the stage. But it was clear that the singer was upset.

“That crap set me off,” she said. “I saw him hit that woman in the face, and I lost it. I apologies to you all. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.” Monica talked about the fight again on Sunday in a comment upon The Shade Room’s Instagram.

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Monica Apologies For She Did At The Concert:

“I’m sorry for what I did there, and I’m sorry here, too, but no one did anything!” she wrote. “I was so angry that I watched, and it looked like she didn’t even know him!”

“At a packed concert, it seemed to be about space!” she said. “He hit her as hard as he could! My goal was to keep her from getting hit again, but that didn’t happen. I reached out for help, yet nobody heard me. It was like watching my mom or an aunt get hurt. She was older than 50. I hope she’s fine!”

On October 1, 2022, Monica plays on stage at the Atlanta R&B Music Experience. On Saturday, she ended her show in Detroit. In an interview to CBS News, Andrus Macdonald, who works for the Riverfront Music Festival, said that Monica did the right thing.

We Have To Thank Monica For Being Brave And Taking A Action:

“Firstly, we want to thank Monica from the bottom of our hearts for being brave and taking action when something bad happened at our Festival.

Her actions showed that she cared about her fans’ safety and respect, which made us think that she is not only an amazing performer but also an amazing person.

“It makes us very sad that a violent act took place at an event that was meant to bring our community together and bring people together.

So People Working With Law To Make Sure The Person Is Held Guilty:

We deeply disagree with any kind of violence, especially against women, so we are working alongside local law enforcement to make sure the person who did it is held responsible.

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“When people come to our festivals, we always put the health and security of our crowd, acts, and staff first.

We’d also like to thank everyone who came to this event for being patient and understanding. Your cheers for Monica show how much you care about our community as well as the songs we love.

“Come on, I’m singing a love song. I’m not going to sing “Knuck If You Buck,” baby, so shut up.” During a fight between two women, Monica told them: “Somebody take her, provide her a drink.

“Settle down.” Even though she didn’t break them up, it’s still nice to see artists care about the people who come to their shows. When it comes to live events, both artists and people in the crowd often don’t pay attention to or care about the other side.