At Disney California Adventure, San Fransokyo Square Has Become Open


At Disney California Adventure, San Fransokyo Square Has Become Open:

On Thursday, Disney is having a party at Disney California Adventure Park to mark the opening of the fresh San Francisco Square. A news release from Disneyland Resort said that “Big Hero 6,” which won an Oscar, was the inspiration for the square, which has shops, great food, and beautiful views.

Kelsey Lynch, who is in charge of public relations for Disneyland, wrote earlier this year on the Disney Parks Blog that San Fransokyo Square will take you to the not-too-distant future, where two famous towns, San Francisco and Tokyo, have merged into one.

“As the tech industry grew and local fishing fell upon hard times, entrepreneurs got together to turn the seaside canneries into a lively, mixed area with restaurants and small shops where you can eat and shop.

In The Walt Disney Animation Studios Movie Big Hero 6, San Fransokyo Square Represents A Seaside Area Outside Of The City Center:

“In the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie “Big Hero 6,” San Fransokyo Square represents a seaside neighborhood outside of the city center.

“Here, guests will find references to the Big Hero 6 team’s many adventures, like Hiro’s Megabot and Baymax’s battle glove,” stated Michael Dobrzycki, art director at Walt Disney Imagineering Anaheim, in a statement released by Disneyland Resort.

The tide pools that connect the seaside square to the Paradise Gardens Park tower are crossed by the 54-foot-tall San Fransokyo Gate Bridge. Several restaurants in San Fransokyo Square have added new dishes to their menus that are based on Asian food and the movie “Big Hero 6.”

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The news release said that Aunt Cass Café will serve meals and soups that are inspired by Japan, like curry beef within a sourdough bread bowl. At Hamada Bot Shop, guests will also be able to meet Hiro Hamada as well as his friend robot, Baymax.

Where Might You Find Baymax?

At Hamada Bot Shop, guests are able to meet Baymax as well as Hiro Hamada. Disneyland calls it a “repurposed warehouse where the Big Hero 6 crew builds their high-tech gear.”

Pacific Wharf was known for its sourdough bread bowls, and they haven’t gone anywhere. The Boudin Bakery still hosts the Bakery Tour. Ghirardelli Soda Fountain as well as Chocolate Shop, Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill, and Lucky Fortune Cookery are also there.

At Aunt Cass Café, You May Find Soup In A Bread Bowl And Food That Tastes Like It Came From Japan:

But now, guests can get soup in bread cups and Japanese-style meals at Aunt Cass Café, which was opened through Hiro’s aunt. They can also get an adult drink at Port of San Fransokyo Cervecera or the remodeled Rita’s Turbine Blenders.

Fans of Disney theme parks often say that the resorts don’t do enough to “theme” new places the way they should. In general, I’m not one of these people. Especially at a place where you won’t be spending a lot of time, like a quick-service restaurant.

Having said that, it appears that the place got a new coat of paint, but other than that, nothing else has changed. Couldn’t there have been a few cat decorations on the tables or walls?

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The Only Thing To Do Was Take A Tour Of The Boudin Bakery, Which Was Part Of The Old Café:

But that’s part of what makes Aunt Cass Café sad. Since there isn’t a big draw that makes people feel like they’re “in” Big Hero 6, a new café that renders people feel like they’re in Aunt Cass’ shop would have gone a long way toward making the theme of the whole land more clear.

The only “attraction” was a tour of the Boudin Bakery, which was part of the old café. It’s not gone. The only thing that was added to the property was a place where people could meet Baymax and Hiro and take pictures with them.

The area was like the food court at Disney California Adventure, with several quick-service places that served food from different nations that have shaped California.