ATM cash van carrying Rs 39 lakh from SBI disappeared for two days, stirred up

Straight: The cash van of the CMS company, which went to the ATM in State Sidhi in Madhya Pradesh with Rs 39 lakh from the State Bank of India, has been missing since Monday evening. The van had three CMS company employees. Apart from the van driver, there were security personnel and a technical staff. So far neither the cash van nor the employees have been detected. Also Read – Friends used to beat in video games repeatedly, ruthless killing of 11-year-old child in anger …

Verbal notice of the disappearance of the cash van was given by the Chief Branch Manager of State Bank of India to the Kotwali police direct on Monday. After this, the Kotwali police informed the blockade and border districts in all the police stations of the district. Also Read – Good news for customers of this bank, can withdraw cash from ATM without card, facility starts

Municipal Inspector Kotwali Arun Pandey said on Tuesday, “Today, after getting a written application from the bank, it is being discussed and police teams have been sent to all possible places.” Also Read – BJP leader’s poster is creating uproar: The don who could not catch the police of 11 countries, he …

The city inspector said, “The contract to transfer cash to all bank ATMs of Sidhi district is with the CMS company. The cash van came out of the State Bank of India last evening with Rs 39 lakh. Despite this, when the complaint was received about the lack of cash in the ATM, the management started searching for the van, which was found missing. “

Pandey told that there were three employees of the CMS company in this cash van. Apart from the van driver, there were security personnel and a technical staff.

Till now neither the cash van has been detected nor these employees. He said that so far no one has been arrested in this case.

Additional Superintendent of Police Anjulata Patle said, “The police is investigating the case.” The media will be informed as soon as it reaches a conclusion. “