Atmospheric terror and urban legends: The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation stalks us in its video


Taiwanese studio Softstar Entertainment will adapt the 2020 film into a new first-person shooter.

A few days ago we were able to take a look at Ikai, the new psychological horror game developed in Spain, set in the Japanese feudal era. On this occasion, this new project arrives from taiwan hand in hand with Softstar Entertainment, in a new commitment to the atmospheric horror, adapting a 2020 film.

We’ll have to run while we collect cluesthe cursed bridge came to the big screen to tell the story of a group of university students who decide to test an urban legend about the ghost of a young woman who appears on a campus bridge after drowning. The game starts from this same premise to put us in the shoes of one of these students, where we will have to run away from the ghost that haunts us.

Atmospheric terror and urban legends: The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation stalks us in its video

The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation leads us to investigate the campus in first person while we hide from the terrifying ghost and we solve mysteries and puzzles through the data and elements that we collect from around us. To survive, we will have to unite all the pieces that lead us to break the curse and understand what is the story behind it.

We will solve mysteries and puzzles to break the curseIs Tunghu University legend would have survived for decades, until six university students decide check its veracity putting your life at risk. The trailer shows us some stealth and exploration mechanics with an atmosphere of terror. As Gematsu has shared, the release of the title is planned for this 2022, but we will not have to wait long to try it. The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation has been confirmed to be part of the upcoming Steam Next Fest in February, where they will publish a free demo.

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